Deb­bie’s ter­ror!

The mum clings to Char­ity for sup­port as daugh­ter Sarah fights to stay alive…

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Still reel­ing from the life-shat­ter­ing events of the last week’s Home Farm mas­quer­ade ball and Joe van­ish­ing on their wed­ding day, Deb­bie Din­gle is about to take an­other emo­tional punch.

Up at the hospi­tal, where her daugh­ter Sarah has spent months be­ing cared for, the trans­plant team has news. A vi­able donor heart has been found. It’s the mo­ment the fam­ily have been wait­ing for but it sends Sarah into panic. It’s a very risky op­er­a­tion – but with­out it she won’t sur­vive.

‘Sarah needs this op­er­a­tion to have qual­ity of life,’ says Charley

Webb, who plays Deb­bie.

Ar­riv­ing on the ward, Deb­bie does her best to put her own tri­als be­hind her, and pro­vide sup­port and re­as­sur­ance to Sarah, who clings to her mum in fear.

Emo­tional scenes

Hav­ing been prepped for surgery, Sarah is taken to theatre and Deb­bie breaks down, know­ing that if things don’t go well, she could die.

While the sur­geons bat­tle to save Sarah, the Din­gles cling to­gether.

Faith and Char­ity are stand­ing strong in the hospi­tal cor­ri­dors, will­ing her to sur­vive the ordeal.

When a doc­tor emerges, they are des­per­ate for an up­date and are stricken to be told that, at present, it’s too early for any­one to know if Sarah’s body is cop­ing with the trans­plant.

Will she pull through?

Risky op­er­a­tion… Deb­bie and Faith try to re­as­sure SarahStay­ing strong… Char­ity

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