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Sui­cide and burial

Jane Spencer’s an­ces­try, which was de­tailed in the De­cem­ber 2014 is­sue of Who Do You Think You Are? Mag­a­zine, men­tions: “At the time (1777), a per­son who had com­mit­ted sui­cide could not be buried in con­se­crated ground be­cause it was con­sid­ered a sin”. How­ever, in my own fam­ily tree I ap­pear to have a 4x great aunt, El­iz­a­beth Langtry ( Langtrey) who pos­si­bly com­mit­ted sui­cide and was buried in con­se­crated ground at Breamore, Hamp­shire, on 8 March 1786 aged 19. Against the burial en­try the priest has added ‘pois’ned her­self’. So far, I haven’t found any ad­di­tional in­for­ma­tion that might give an in­sight into how this death ac­tu­ally oc­curred, but if it was sui­cide the parish priest was clearly happy to pro­vide a Chris­tian burial. Was there a legal ba­sis un­der civil or canon law for gen­er­ally re­fus­ing Chris­tian burial to sui­cide vic­tims?


Ge­neal­ogy pro­gram query

Is any­one familiar with a ge­neal­ogy pro­gram that has a func­tion sim­i­lar to the re­cently-dis­con­tin­ued The Mas­ter Ge­neal­o­gist, which al­lows cus­tom­made ‘flags’ to be cre­ated within a dataset? It is an ex­tremely use­ful fea­ture that al­lows easy search­ing and re­port­ing on in­di­vid­u­als by iso­lat­ing only those peo­ple that fit a com­mon cri­te­ria, e.g. Em­i­grated Y/ N/? (Yes, No, Don’t Know). How­ever, I have not dis­cov­ered any other soft­ware yet that seems to have such a fea­ture. Yartin

Royal Field Ar­tillery

I’m re­search­ing my great grand­fa­ther Wil­liam John Price (born 1880) and based on An­ces­try.’s pen­sion records I have pulled to­gether a brief timeline of his mil­i­tary ca­reer. In Septem­ber 1902, he joined the Royal Field Ar­tillery and af­ter an ini­tial ( I as­sume train­ing) post­ing to No. 6 De­pot Seaforth, he was sent to Cork and Lim­er­ick as part of 88th Bat­tery. While he went on to fight in the First World War, I’m cur­rently in­ter­ested in find­ing out more about his early ser­vice in Ire­land. At which bar­racks in Cork and Lim­er­ick was he sta­tioned? Why was he sent there? Can any­one point me in the di­rec­tion of any use­ful re­sources, as my ini­tial trawl has not thrown up any­thing of in­ter­est or use. Blue­car­rots

Record­ing di­ary

You know the hard­back di­aries we all buy each year to keep track of our up­com­ing, day-to-day events? Well, for a cou­ple of months I’ve been look­ing for a nice hard­back A4 di­ary that only has the date and month on each page e.g. 12 De­cem­ber or 31 July. No Mon­days, Tues­days or years etc. The in­ten­tion is to en­ter births, mar­riages and deaths into it so that I can see at a glance what hap­pened in my fam­ily his­tory on the same day in what­ever year. Is there such a prod­uct? I’ve looked on eBay and searched Google but can’t find such a thing. Warpo

Photo stamp in pocket watch

Please can you help iden­tify this pic­ture be­low? My fa­ther Ed­win McEwan was or­phaned as a baby in 1936 and brought up by his mother’s fam­ily in Eng­land. Her name was Edna Web­ster. I in­her­ited this pocket watch when he died nearly 16 years ago. There is a ‘photo stamp’ in­side and I would like to try to iden­tify the lady from an ap­prox­i­mate date. We are fairly sure she is one of my fa­ther’s Scot­tish an­ces­tors and would love to know which one. His par­ents were Ed­win Hunter McEwan, son of Robert Prince McEwan, both from Glas­gow tinaj64

Can you help tinaj64 to iden­tify the photo of a lady found in­side a pocket watch that she in­her­ited?

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