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I note with in­ter­est your ap­peal for ques­tions for the vis­it­ing celebrity guests at this year’s WDYTYA? Live show at Birm­ing­ham’s NEC. I am not sure as to whether this can be counted as a ques­tion, but I have a fam­ily con­nec­tion to Reg­gie Yates, which he may be in­ter­ested in.

I have avidly watched Who Do You Think You Are? since the very first episode with Bill Od­die, and have never missed a show, al­ways in the hope that some­one might have links to my ex­ten­sive re­search into my kins­men and kinswomen.

Suf­fice to say, af­ter many years of work, when the mag­i­cal word ‘Sus­sex’ crops up in re­la­tion to any fam­ily, my ears prick up, as the fam­ily in ques­tion is in­vari­ably link­able to my own.

One of my an­ces­tors, Wil­liam Al­chorne, who was born in Rother­field in about 1530, is also a di­rect an­ces­tor of Reg­gie Yates. That’s one in the eye for the judge who rather stupidly told Mr Yates se­nior that he was not ‘English’ enough to set­tle here. A valu­able les­son in racial big­otry, which de­serves an air­ing.

I once worked with an Afro- Caribbean lady born in Bar­buda, who was vi­ciously ha­rassed in the 1970s and told to ‘Go back where you came from’ by our less thought­ful com­pa­tri­ots. She shared my in­ter­est in an­ces­tral roots, and had traced her male line back to Glouces­ter­shire in the 1570s.

One an­ces­tor of hers took part in the Monmouth Re­bel­lion of 1685, and ended up as a white slave in the Caribbean as a re­sult. So, iron­i­cally, my friend had ‘Gone back to where she was from’ af­ter all.

If only the records ex­isted, it could doubt­less be shown that we are all one enor­mous in­ter­re­lated fam­ily in any case. As time goes on, we doubt­less will be able to show a vast net­work of links be­tween ev­ery­one alive to­day. Martin Noakes, Le­ices­ter­shire Editor replies: Thank you for writ­ing in Martin and I will pass on the de­tails you sent about your fam­ily on to Reg­gie Yates when I see him at WDYTYA? Live.

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