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Sir Derek Ja­cobi was aware that his fam­ily had a French con­nec­tion through his mother but knew lit­tle more. He dis­cov­ered his ma­ter­nal great great grand­fa­ther was called Ar­mand la Plaigne, a name that strongly in­di­cated French ori­gins. Derek traced Ar­mand and his fam­ily through census re­turns and lo­cated his sis­ter, Han­nah, in the 1891 census. She was res­i­dent at the French Hos­pi­tal.

Derek learned the French Hos­pi­tal was in­cor­po­rated in 1718 for French Protes­tants and their de­scen­dants. He also found her ap­pli­ca­tion to the hos­pi­tal, which de­tailed her ex­act French de­scent from Joseph de la Plaigne, who was a “refugerefuge” in 1702.

We dis­cov­ered Derek’s Huguenot ances­try thanks to this ad­mis­sion into the French Hos­pi­tal, (

Its records are held by the Huguenot So­ci­ety ( huguenot­so­ci­ uk). This so­ci­ety is a very im­por­tant re­source for those who are re­search­ing Huguenot an­ces­tors as it is ded­i­cated to the Huguenot mi­gra­tory ex­pe­ri­ence and their his­tory.

The Huguenot li­brary is cur­rently housed at The Na­tional Ar­chives ( huguenot­so­ci­ety.­brary-and-ar­chive. html). Among its most use­ful pub­li­ca­tions is the Qua­tro Se­ries, which in­dexes all the in­di­vid­u­als the so­ci­ety holds records for. Fur­ther in­for­ma­tion on the so­ci­ety’s fam­ily his­tory records can be found at

A mu­seum ded­i­cated to Huguenot his­tory has also re­cently opened in Rochester, Kent (

which is an­other use­ful re­source.


huguenot so­ci­­ily.html. huguenot­mu­seum. org/about),

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