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Land records Grif­fith’s Val­u­a­tion was pub­lished be­tween 1847 and 1864. It con­sists of printed val­u­a­tion books for each Poor Law union in Ire­land, which in­clude names of oc­cu­piers of land and build­ings, the names of land­lords and the amount and value of the prop­erty held. Along with tithe ap­plot­ment books, which cover 1823 and 1837, th­ese are a good sub­sti­tute for the Ir­ish census. For de­tails, visit the Na­tional Ar­chives of Ire­land web­site at na­tion­ Ord­nance Sur­vey (OS) maps The ini­tial sur­vey took place from 1825- 46, when teams of sur­vey­ors tra­versed Ire­land record­ing the rapidly chang­ing land­scape and cul­ture. Use­fully, even the mod­ern OS maps show you the bound­aries of the town­lands, so if you know that an an­ces­tor farmed in a par­tic­u­lar place you can get a sense of ex­actly where that was. Some early sur­veys also in­cluded lo­cal in­for­ma­tion, in­clud­ing Ge­orge O’Mul­lan’s sto­ries. Oral his­tory Ire­land has a very strong oral tra­di­tion with ‘sean­chaís’ or sto­ry­tellers keep­ing a com­mu­nity’s his­tory alive. Sto­ries, myths, folk­lore and his­tory were all fused to­gether to give the peo­ple a sense of iden­tity and of be­long­ing, and were passed down through the gen­er­a­tions. Ge­orge O’Mul­lan was a sto­ry­teller and he told the leg­ends of his own an­ces­tors to the Ord­nance Sur­vey re­searcher, who then recorded them. Liv­ery com­pany records If you have an­ces­tors who were ten­ants in County Derry, they pos­si­bly rented from a Lon­don liv­ery com­pany. Their records can be ac­cessed at the Guild­hall Li­brary in Lon­don. They in­clude of­fi­cial re­ports on the es­tate. You’re more likely to find ref­er­ences to peo­ple if they were work­ing for the com­pa­nies, but even if they were just ten­ants you can find some in­ter­est­ing de­tail. The records also men­tion sales that went through with the land acts and min­utes from meet­ings in Lon­don where dis­putes were raised. For more on re­search­ing your Ul­ster an­ces­tors, turn the page

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