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On the sub­ject of reusing the same name af­ter the death of a child, and fur­ther to David Cross’s let­ter in the Sum­mer is­sue and Janet Hall’s in the September is­sue, I have a fam­ily that can go one bet­ter, de­spite the sad cir­cum­stances that sur­round it.

My hus­band’s 3x great un­cle, John Robin­son, had nine chil­dren, of whom only one sur­vived. There were two Sa­muels, two Alices, four Johns and a Wil­liam. Samuel was the first and died at the age of six; the sec­ond Samuel was child num­ber five, but died aged nine months; Alice died aged 18 months and the sec­ond Alice at three months.

Worse was to come: John (I) died at two months, John (II) at four months, John (III) at four months and John (IV) at two months. Only one was given a mid­dle name: John (II) was John Lawrence. But to no avail. The par­ents must have been des­per­ate and were even­tu­ally buried with their eight ba­bies. Very sad. The only sur­vivor was Wil­liam.

There’s a dif­fer­ent cu­rios­ity from my fam­ily: my 3x great grand­mother died in 1837. Her death cer­tifi­cate shows that she died on 5 July at 10pm, but the par­ish burial reg­is­ter records her burial 25 days later on 30 July. No buri­als are recorded for the pre­vi­ous month in the reg­is­ter.

I have never en­coun­tered a de­lay as long as this at such an early pe­riod, and, let’s face it, they didn’t have the fa­cil­i­ties that we have to­day for deal­ing with such gaps be­tween death and burial. Sue Smith Ed­i­tor replies: 25 days is a very long gap. Have any other read­ers come across sim­i­lar sit­u­a­tions?

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