Where can I find my 4x great grand­fa­ther’s mar­riage record?

Shared Chris­tian names and vari­ant sur­name spellings are com­pli­cat­ing Julie Manville’s search for her rel­a­tives’ mar­riage

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QI can’t find a mar­riage record for my 4x great grand­fa­ther, Ge­orge Manvill.

Ge­orge was from Lon­don, and mar­ried a lady called Kather­ine. How­ever, in their chil­dren’s bap­tism records, her name is spelt with both a ‘K’ and a ‘C’. The cou­ple’s first child, Hen­ri­etta- Eliza, was born in 1797 and bap­tised at Stoke D’Aber­non, Sur­rey. Can you help? Julie Manville

AThe prob­lem of name vari­ants im­me­di­ately comes to light when you be­gin to search for the birth/bap­tism of chil­dren of Ge­orge and ‘Cather­ine’.

Hen­ri­etta-Eliza is recorded in the reg­is­ters of Stoke d’Aber­non, Sur­rey, as the daugh­ter of Ge­orge and Cather­ine Man­vell, born on 10 September 1796 and bap­tised on 24 Oc­to­ber 1796 – rather than 1797 as you be­lieved. Her brother, Ge­orge, was also recorded in the same par­ish with the same par­ents’ names, born and bap­tised in 1797.

Two fur­ther chil­dren are recorded in Send and Ri­p­ley, Sur­rey: Kathrine, daugh­ter of Ge­orge and Kathrine, born and bap­tised in 1799 (but both mother and daugh­ter are ‘Cather­ine’ in the bish­ops’ tran­script en­try); and John, son of Ge­orge and Katharine, born in 1801 and bap­tised in 1802. A Ge­orge Man­well is recorded in the Send and Ri­p­ley Land Tax records (avail­able on an­ces­try.co.uk see im­age be­low) as an oc­cu­pier in 1801 and 1803.

A fur­ther pos­si­ble son of Ge­orge and Cather­ine Man­vell, Charles, was bap­tised at Twick­en­ham St Mary the Vir­gin, Sur­rey, in 1806.

Tak­ing into ac­count all the vari­ant pos­si­bil­i­ties, you are cor­rect that there is no mar­riage recorded for a Ge­orge ‘Man­vell’ and ‘Cather­ine’ on any of the ma­jor on­line datasets, in­clud­ing those on An­ces­try, find­my­past. co.uk, fam­i­lysearch.org and thege­neal­o­gist.co.uk. There is al­ways the pos­si­bil­ity that they were not mar­ried.

Look­ing for fur­ther pos­si­ble in­for­ma­tion on the fam­ily is when the de­tails be­come con­fus­ing and un­cer­tain. A Hen­ri­etta Eliza Man­vell was buried on 25 Novem­ber 1808 at St Giles-inthe-Fields, her ad­dress be­ing given as King Street, Seven Di­als (see above). A Catharine Man­vell and (pre­sum­ably) her daugh­ter Cather­ine were both buried on 17 May 1806 at St Maryle­bone.

I be­lieve your 4x great grand­fa­ther Ge­orge was bap­tised in 1773, one of sev­eral chil­dren of Ge­orge and Hen­ri­etta Man­vell.

Ge­orge se­nior, your 5x great grand­fa­ther, was liv­ing in New­man Street, St Maryle­bone, from at least 1780-1784 (as recorded in Land Tax re­turns). This was also the ad­dress given in his 1784 will, proved in the Pre­rog­a­tive Court of Can­ter­bury in 1791, when he was de­scribed as a car­pen­ter. His son, men­tioned in this will, was liv­ing in New­man Street in 1797-1799 (some­times recorded as Man­well) – but this is roughly when Hen­ri­etta-Eliza and Ge­orge were be­ing bap­tised in Stoke d’Aber­non.

An­other un­cer­tainty is John, the fourth known child of Ge­orge and Cather­ine, born on 16 July 1801 and bap­tised at Send and Ri­p­ley on 11 March 1802. There are around half-adozen mem­ber trees on An­ces­try that state this John was born in West Grin­stead, Sus­sex, mar­ried Mary Stone on 10 De­cem­ber 1826 in Hor­sham, Sus­sex, and from whom is de­scended a size­able fam­ily.

The only jus­ti­fi­ca­tion for this would ap­pear to come from the 1841-1871 cen­sus re­turns where John is shown as hav­ing been born in West Grin­stead in about 1801. Af­ter grow­ing up he worked as a car­pen­ter, as did his sug­gested grand­fa­ther, Ge­orge. How­ever, there is no firm ev­i­dence that this John was the son of Ge­orge and Cather­ine, bap­tised at Send and Ri­p­ley – although he may be.

There are sev­eral Man­vell and vari­ant en­tries in the bap­tism and burial reg­is­ters of West Grin­stead St Ge­orge from the 1760s, in­clud­ing a John Man­vell, son of Ge­orge (and Mary) bap­tised on 6 March 1792. Iden­ti­fy­ing the death/burial of Ge­orge (hus­band of Cather­ine) – and any will he may have left – may help re­solve the many un­cer­tain­ties. Paul Blake

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