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GO­ING ON A RANDY A favourite sport of navvies, mean­ing go­ing on a drink­ing spree, which could last for sev­eral days. MUCK The term re­ferred to any­thing that navvies dug out of the ground, whether it was mud, sand, stones or shale. ON THE TRAMP Tramp­ing the coun­try look­ing for work. PURRING- BOOTS Stout boots with an iron- plate, pro­trud­ing a good inch in front of the toe, which were of­ten used by navvies when fight­ing. SHANT The navvies had an ironic name for their huts, the slang for ‘shan’t’ or ‘shall not’. This word gave us ‘shanty town’ – ‘shall not town’. TOMMY The navvy’s word for food, which was bought from the ‘tommy shop’, and car­ried in his neck­er­chief.

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