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Wishaw Press - - CANCER WARNING - Lynn Love

A mum- of-three is urg­ing more women to have smear tests after she was di­ag­nosed with ad­vanced cer­vi­cal can­cer.

Wishaw woman Lynne Naughton blames her­self for her can­cer di­ag­no­sis as she failed to go for her reg­u­lar checks.

The 49- year- old re­ceived the dev­as­tat­ing news that she had a 10cm tu­mour in Septem­ber after she had been feel­ing poorly for al­most a year.

Lynne is pre­par­ing to un­dergo 17 weeks of in­tense treat­ment to try to shrink the mass.

The home sup­port worker said: “I was so scared to go to the doc­tors. I knew some­thing wasn’t right be­cause I wasn’t get­ting bet­ter and I had been bleed­ing quite heav­ily for months.

“I used to get very anx­ious at the thought of go­ing to the doc­tors, so I would put off go­ing.

“I don’t want to say ex­actly how long I hadn’t been for a smear test for, but it was a long time and now I re­ally re­gret it.

“My can­cer could have been de­tected ear­lier if I had just went for my reg­u­lar checks.

“I want to warn other women and young girls of the se­ri­ous con­se­quences of not go­ing. Please go to all of your ap­point­ments and visit your GP if some­thing is not right.”

As well as rais­ing aware­ness of the im­por­tance of hav­ing reg­u­lar smear tests, Lynne is also cut­ting her hair off be­fore it falls out.

And she will be do­nat­ing her long, blonde locks to the lit­tle Princess Trust to make wigs for sick chil­dren.

Lynne added: “I love my hair and I when I found out I was go­ing to lose it I was dev­as­tated.

“I know in the grand scheme of things it is not im­por­tant, but it is to me. I know I’m go­ing to feel rub­bish in­side, but I want to be able to look in the mir­ror and feel good on the out­side. If I have my con­fi­dence I feel like I will be able to be stronger and fight this bat­tle head on.

“I’m tak­ing charge and hav­ing my hair chopped be­fore it falls out. That way it can be put to good use.

“When I think about kids go­ing through can­cer and the in­ten­sive treat­ment it makes me so sad. I know how hard it is for an adult to deal with. Kids are so strong and smile through­out it all.

“Think­ing of how they deal with it all gets me through the hard days.”

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Warn­ing call Lynne Naughton is urg­ing women not to put off hav­ing their smear test car­ried out

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