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our 10 Top-To-Toe so­lu­tions to lift up cheeks, chins, bot­toms, bod­ies and spir­its! now that re­ally is beauty well­be­ing, says beauty di­rec­tor Jo GB

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our 10 top-to-toe so­lu­tions to lift up cheeks, chins, bot­toms, bod­ies and spir­its!

Amaz­ing the dif­fer­ence you can see and feel in just an hour or so! i can put my hand on my heart and say th­ese treat­ments re­ally are worth your cash and time, so you won’t be dis­ap­pointed. Book in now for a pre-fes­tive fix­a­tive.

1 Two inches or more

CoolSculpt­ing CoolMini, from

£800 per area, coolsculpt­ing.co.uk, works on small sec­tions of stub­born fat, such as the chin, knees and ax­il­lary puffs (the bits around the bra on your back), and the skin on arms

(it hurts a bit here!) to min­imise and re­shape your body in hard-to-hit places. the Hoover-like noz­zle sucks up the skin and fat and freezes it, de­stroy­ing lo­calised fat cells en route. Lie back, lis­ten to mu­sic

– one treat­ment can see up to a 40% re­duc­tion in vol­ume three months later, pro­vided you don’t pig out!

2No pain, no gain?

OK, pos­si­bly the most un­com­fort­able, Ulther­apy, from £3,500 at CSC, 01753 646660, tight­ens the kind of saggy skin you see with weight loss. the joy is that there’s no down­time (A-lis­ters of­ten go on the red car­pet right after), and it looks to­tally nat­u­ral. tar­get­ing face, neck, bust and body, ul­tra­sound mi­cro-waves pen­e­trate to the same depth as a facelift, but with­out break­ing the skin, trig­ger­ing the body’s nat­u­ral tis­sue re­pair and pro­duc­tion of col­la­gen and elastin for plumper, tighter, younger-look­ing skin.

3 De-age your hands

“Hands are the sec­ond in­di­ca­tor of age after the face,” cites Dr Nick Lowe of the Cran­ley Clinic. “You of­ten find that slim and trim women look healthy but have bony hands, which show their age.” He favours us­ing a filler such as El­lansé (starts from £500) via a can­nula un­der the skin to in­crease vol­ume. “You rarely see lumps and the qual­ity of the skin ap­pears to im­prove af­ter­wards too.” Re­sults usu­ally last around two years.

4 A stitch in time

Yes, it’s tem­po­rary, but by heav­ens you’ll want to go back! the Sil­hou­ette Soft Thread Lift, from around £1,700 with Dr Leah Tot­ton, is a “new-style, scalpel-free facelift” that’s fast be­com­ing the No. 1 treat­ment choice among prac­ti­tion­ers and pa­tients alike. Sol­u­ble threads in­serted un­der the skin from jaw to ear help lift the lower face, re­mov­ing jowls su­per fast with min­i­mal down­time. Say good­bye to sag­ging jaw­lines and heavy brows, this treat­ment gives a more youth­ful, firmer-look­ing face.

5 right place, right time?

Fillers are see­ing a resur­gence. the art of plac­ing in­jecta­bles on the bone (say the up­per cheek­bone) cre­ates an in­vis­i­ble lift even your hus­band wouldn’t spot! it’s of­ten the aes­thet­ics of the physi­cian that de­ter­mines the beauty of the fi­nal look – loved by my­self and Kar­ren Brady is Dr Ta­pan Pa­tel at PHI Clinic, Har­ley Street, Lon­don.

6 Skin vs soul

Fun­nily enough, you al­most don’t give a damn about how you look after an hour of The Light Tech­nique with Katie Light, £100, the­light­tech­nique.co.uk. Isn’t that the ul­ti­mate in treat­ment value time? Be­spoke to your mind and body, part coun­selling, part Reiki, part mas­sage, I’ve never emerged from a room feel­ing so “light”, pos­i­tive and in­vig­o­rated.

7 Su­per fast glow

what’s a fa­cial th­ese days with­out a laser thrown in? a la­cial! Nuriss Lunch Time Laser Lift, from £350, 0845 271 3716, the “won­derwo­man” of laser fa­cials, is a hugely pop­u­lar non-ab­la­tive (doesn’t burn the skin) re­ju­ve­nat­ing Har­mony XL Pro laser treat­ment at this mod­ern clinic in wim­ple Street, Lon­don. it’s a mul­ti­func­tional skin re­ju­ve­na­tion treat­ment de­signed to tone, tighten and stim­u­late col­la­gen to re­duce fine lines and wrin­kles, re­duce red­ness and su­per­fi­cial and deep pig­men­ta­tion, and shrink pores – yes please! Vir­tu­ally pain-free and with lit­tle to no re­cov­ery time, you look great straight away. then, four ses­sions one week apart and three months later, whoa – age­less!

8 prick me, please!

med­i­cal needling, of­ten re­ferred to as mesother­apy or derma-rolling, in­volves rolling mi­cro­scopic nee­dles over your skin to stim­u­late col­la­gen and the re­gen­er­a­tion of healthy cells at a deeper der­mal level, while adding an ac­tive treat­ment serum. Der­mas­tamp, from £350 at Nuriss, takes around 40-60 min­utes and is a bit ouchy in places. You’ll also look blotchy for the next two days – try IT Cos­met­ics Full Cov­er­age SPF50+ CC+ Cream, £30, a cover up that works won­ders. the skin then peels in places, but you’ll see a dif­fer­ence by the week­end.

9 easy to swal­low

Tribitor, £25 for 30 sa­chets, is a new food supplement for those who are pre-di­a­betic, over­weight and/or in­ac­tive that helps to lower the calorific value of high-Gi carbs. Po­ten­tially de-age­ing too, as it can re­duce gly­ca­tion (caused by su­gar con­sump­tion) of the skin. 10 Mind blow­ing!

For­get ev­ery­thing... it’s def­i­nitely pos­si­ble dur­ing this crazy yet beau­ti­ful 90-minute ESPA Mind­ful Mas­sage, around £190. the most con­sid­ered, rest­ful, leave-no-stone­un­turned ther­a­peu­tic body mas­sage treat­ment – your body will thank you for it, your mind won’t care. w&h

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