What are The risks of Too much sugar?

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‘it can have detri­men­tal ef­fects on our heart – in fact, heart dis­ease is the num­ber-one killer in the uk,’ ex­plains Julie. ‘it can also be dev­as­tat­ing for our gut, as sug­ary di­ets can cause an over­growth of some­thing called can­dida. this leads to other health is­sues such as fa­tigue, brain fog, headaches, de­pres­sion, and IBS.’ in ad­di­tion, sugar can cause kid­ney and liver dam­age, den­tal de­cay and obesity. She adds, ‘type 2 di­a­betes is also caused by a diet high in sugar.’ So eat­ing less of it can only be a good thing!

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