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‘Dark choco­late and raw ca­cao pow­der is packed with brain-boost­ing com­pounds, in­clud­ing flavonoids,’ says Mays. ‘The flavonoids in choco­late gather in the ar­eas of the brain that deal with learn­ing and mem­ory, help­ing slow down age-re­lated men­tal de­cline.’ Mays sug­gests that you avoid choco­late that’s sweet­ened with lots of sugar. ‘Om­bar is a great sugar-free brand,’ says Mays.

Try Om­bar 100% (£1.99, om­bar.

SWAP Re­fined grains FOR Whole­grains

In­stead of re­fined grains such as white flour, white bread and white rice, go for whole grain. This is a great way of boost­ing lev­els of vi­ta­min E. Fur­ther re­search has high­lighted that high lev­els of vi­ta­min E are as­so­ci­ated with im­proved cog­ni­tive performanc­e and re­duced the risk of de­vel­op­ing Alzheimer’s dis­ease.

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