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QMy grand­fa­ther died last year af­ter a long ill­ness. Then my aunt, hav­ing had cancer. Last week a work col­league died sud­denly. I’ve had sim­i­lar re­sponses to all – a lit­tle bit of sad­ness fol­lowed by get­ting back to nor­mal. A co-worker was in floods of tears over our col­league’s death and I’m won­der­ing what’s wrong with me – why didn’t I re­act the same?

Suzie says

ARe­ac­tions to deaths can vary. It all de­pends on a range of things. It’s com­mon for the first re­sponse to be numb­ness. But sub­se­quent pain, sad­ness or even de­pres­sion can de­pend on so many things. If you’ve had a loss be­fore, and never mourned, you might be trig­gered into a strong re­sponse. Af­ter a long ill­ness, you might have ac­tu­ally pro­gressed through the process of grief by the time they pass away. Your re­sponse is com­mon.

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