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The truth is, it’s very com­mon for an an­i­mal’s coat to darken or lighten over time. Cer­tainly, older dogs de­velop grey fur and will of­ten have a lighter muz­zle and new strands of grey all over their coat. On top of this, their fur may have less pig­ment in gen­eral, mak­ing for an all-around ‘dulling’ of the coat. Younger dogs can also de­velop lighter coats, a change that typ­i­cally hap­pens in the sum­mer due to sun ex­po­sure.

For some, their coat changes in one spe­cific re­gion only, per­haps around scar tis­sue or where the fur was clipped away. This is es­pe­cially true for cats such as the Si­amese. Fi­nally, brown-stained fur on the paws for ex­am­ple can in­di­cate ex­ces­sive lick­ing and should be ex­am­ined by a vet.

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