‘I’m speech­less my bum is his favourite part’

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Anais Ben­mas­saoud, lives in Buck­hurst Hill, Es­sex, with Jay­den El­wor­thy. They have been to­gether for eight months. Anais weighs 8st 6lb and is 5ft 3in, while Jay­den weighs 12st 9lb and is 6ft 3in. Anais’ body hang-ups: I’m very pe­tite so I don’t feel con­fi­dent around tall women. I don’t like my belly ei­ther, it’s not flat enough, and my bum is too flat. I’ve been do­ing squats for years to try to change it, but I like choco­late so I have to be care­ful with my weight. What Jay­den likes and dis­likes about Anais’ body: My favourite part is her bum. It looks great in jeans. It’s hard not to stare at it. Her boobs are great too. She looks amaz­ing in low-cut tops. I like her hair but she says it’s too wild. I think it shows she is free-spir­ited. Anais’ re­ac­tion: I’m speech­less that my bum is his favourite part. Maybe it’s not as flat as I think. I’ll def­i­nitely try jeans more of­ten. I like my boobs too as they’re not too big, not too small. I don’t know why he likes my hair though – it’s curly and dif­fi­cult to style. But know­ing he likes it makes me feel dif­fer­ently about it. Jay­den’s body hang-ups: I worry I’m not buff and mus­cly enough. I have hang-ups about al­most all of my up­per body. Be­ing tall is good but my arms look out of pro­por­tion and I’d like a big­ger chest. And I love my nether re­gions. I’d say I’ve been blessed there. What Anais likes and dis­likes about Jay­den’s body: I love how tall Jay­den is. He was Djing in a club when we met and he stood out. His height makes me feel re­ally pro­tected and safe. I like his chest too, it’s in pro­por­tion and very toned. Jay­den’s re­ac­tion: Know­ing Anais likes my chest is re­as­sur­ing. She doesn’t say she likes my arms as they are, but she doesn’t not like them ei­ther. I used to feel a lot of pres­sure, but hear­ing this I’m more con­fi­dent.

Anais & Jay­den

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