15 smart food swaps

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1 SWAP three stan­dard lat­tes a week (medium size, and made with semi-skimmed milk) (429 calo­ries) For three skinny cap­puc­ci­nos (medium size with skimmed milk) (210 calo­ries) HEALTH BONUS Skimmed milk con­tains less sat­u­rated fat. SAVE 219 cals

2 SWAP 100g 15% fat minced beef in a chilli or bolog­nese (262 calo­ries) For 100g minced Quorn in the same dishes (105 calo­ries) HEALTH BONUS Swap­ping to Quorn also cuts your in­take of choles­terol-rais­ing sat­u­rated fat. SAVE 157 cals

3 SWAP two choco­late di­ges­tives (166 calo­ries) For two 10g squares of good qual­ity 70% co­coa dark choco­late (124 calo­ries) HEALTH BONUS Dark choco­late halves your sugar in­take from 2tsp to 1tsp. SAVE 42 cals

4 SWAP a 50g (a heaped ta­ble­spoon) serv­ing of sour cream dip (125 calo­ries) For a 50g serv­ing of salsa (21 calo­ries) HEALTH BONUS The salsa

de­liv­ers a good dose of tomato ly­copene, an an­tiox­i­dant which is thought to help pro­tect against heart disease. SAVE 104 cals

5 SWAP 75g serv­ing of cooked spaghetti (270 calo­ries) For 125g serv­ing of spi­ral­ized cour­gette spaghetti (25 calo­ries)

HEALTH BONUS The cour­getti also counts as one of your five a day. SAVE 245 cals

6 SWAP A chicken salad sand­wich (465 calo­ries) For a can of heinz Chicken and Veg­etable Big Soup with a toasted mini pitta (250 calo­ries) HEALTH BONUS re­search shows soup can fill you up for longer. SAVE 215 cals

7 SWAP a Sains­bury’s thin and crispy meat feast pizza (325g) (846 calo­ries)

For a Sains­bury’s thin and crispy veg­etable pizza (320g) (732 calo­ries) HEALTH BONUS The veg­etable pizza is lower in sat­u­rated fat and salt. SAVE 114 cals 8 SWAP a mul­ti­pack-size packet of Walk­ers ready salted crisps (132 calo­ries) For a bag of Tesco salted pop­corn from a va­ri­ety pack (58 calo­ries) HEALTH BONUS Pop­corn is also a whole­grain that’s high in fi­bre, an im­por­tant part of a bal­anced diet. SAVE 74 cals 9 SWAP 40g Ched­dar (166 calo­ries) For 40g brie (134 calo­ries) HEALTH BONUS Brie has less sat­u­rated fat than Ched­dar and is lower in salt. SAVE 32 cals 10 SWAP eight slices of bread from a thick sliced loaf (over a week) (864 calo­ries) For eight slices from a medium sliced loaf (688 calo­ries) HEALTH BONUS Make it whole­meal bread for some ex­tra fi­bre and iron. SAVE 176 cals

11SWAP a Tesco frozen bat­tered had­dock fil­let (280 calo­ries) For a Tesco lightly dusted chunky cod fil­let (177 calo­ries) HEALTH BONUS The lightly dusted cod fil­let op­tion is also higher in es­sen­tial, ap­petite-curb­ing pro­tein. SAVE 103 cals 12 SWAP 100g black grapes (75 calo­ries) For 100g black­ber­ries (32 calo­ries) HEALTH BONUS The berries have a low gly­caemic in­dex, so won’t spike your blood sugar lev­els. SAVE 43 cals 13 SWAP three 175ml glasses of red wine (over a week) (477 calo­ries) For three whisky and so­das (each to be made with 25ml, or one mea­sure, whisky) (183 calo­ries) HEALTH BONUS you’ll in­stantly cut down your weekly al­co­hol units from around seven to three. SAVE 294 cals 14 SWAP a chicken tikka masala and pi­lau rice take­away (850 calo­ries) For tan­doori chicken served with boiled rice (490 calo­ries) HEALTH BONUS Tan­doori chicken con­tains half the sat­u­rated fat of the chicken tikka masala. SAVE 360 cals 15 SWAP a 300g serv­ing of sweet potato (1 potato, 261 calo­ries) For 300g but­ter­nut squash (third of a squash, 129 cals) HEALTH BONUS The but­ter­nut squash also con­tains lower sug­ars than the sweet potato, which makes it a health­ier op­tion. SAVE 132 cals

Save 43 cals

Save 32 cals

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