‘Granny’s fed her bis­cuits from 10 months!’

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Laura Adams, 33, is a sales ex­ec­u­tive who lives in Or­p­ing­ton, Kent, with her hus­band and their daugh­ter, Eadie, two. Her mother is Sue Wil­liams, 57, who works for a mo­tor com­pany, is sin­gle and also lives in Or­p­ing­ton.

Laura says: Mum’s non­cha­lent ap­proach to eadie’s food has caused ten­sion over the past two years. i thought she’d sup­port my de­sire to raise her on a healthy, bal­anced diet with oc­ca­sional treats. But al­most from the moment i weaned her, Mum has been spoil­ing eadie with naughty treats, giv­ing her bis­cuits from the age of 10 months. Now, when eadie sets eyes on Granny, she makes a bee­line for her hand­bag, know­ing she’ll find some­thing sweet inside.

when Mum has her to stay, i’ll pack a tub of pasta and veg­eta­bles for eadie’s tea and give strict instructions that she must only drink wa­ter, no juice, and that there are to be no sweets be­fore bedtime. But within hours there’ll be a text from Mum with pictures of eadie mer­rily drink­ing juice and eat­ing jelly ba­bies, or de­vour­ing pizza and crisps. it’s very frus­trat­ing, but when i con­front her she just shrugs and says, ‘that’s what grannies are for!’

of course, when i try to give eadie fruit, she says, ‘No! Bis­cuit!’ it’s ironic be­cause when my brother and i were kids, Mum in­sisted that we ate every morsel on our plates be­fore be­ing al­lowed a pud­ding and we cer­tainly weren’t given treats be­fore go­ing off to bed.

But i must ad­mit, my grand­par­ents would spoil us rot­ten when we went to stay, giv­ing us choco­late and hor­licks at bedtime, and we would al­ways wake to find sweet­ies at the bot­tom of our beds. i can’t deny i love those me­mories of my grand­par­ents. Maybe that is what grannies are for!

‘Within hours there’ll be a text from Mum with pictures of Eadie eat­ing jelly ba­bies’

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