Cran­berry & Eggnog Tri­fle

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ServeS 16

300g (10oz) cran­ber­ries 100g (3½oz) golden caster sugar

200g (7oz) sponge fin­gers, bro­ken into chunks

300g (10oz) rasp­ber­ries 135g packet rasp­berry jelly, bro­ken into squares

2tbsp sloe gin

250ml (8fl oz) cran­berry and rasp­berry juice drink

600ml (1pt) dou­ble cream 1tsp vanilla bean paste

¼tsp freshly grated nut­meg 3tbsp Ad­vo­caat

500g car­ton chilled vanilla cus­tard

75g (2½oz) ratafia bis­cuits

1 Put the cran­ber­ries in a pan with the sugar. Cook over a gen­tle heat for 5 mins, re­move and set aside a few cran­ber­ries for dec­o­ra­tion, then con­tinue to sim­mer re­main­ing cran­ber­ries for a fur­ther 5 mins. place the sponge fin­gers in a glass bowl. scat­ter most of the rasp­ber­ries (re­serv­ing a few for dec­o­ra­tion) over the top and pour in the cooked cran­ber­ries.

2 Dis­solve the jelly in 250ml boil­ing wa­ter then stir in the sloe gin and juice drink. pour the jelly over the fruit in the bowl and chill un­til set.

3 Us­ing an elec­tric mixer, whisk to­gether the cream, vanilla bean paste, nut­meg and ad­vo­caat un­til thick enough to form soft peaks. lightly fold in the cus­tard. spoon half this eggnog mix­ture over the set jelly, scat­ter the ratafia bis­cuits on top then cover with large spoon­fuls of the re­main­ing eggnog. pile the re­served cran­ber­ries and rasp­ber­ries on top to dec­o­rate.


341 calo­ries, 22g fat (13g sat­u­rated),

28g car­bo­hy­drates

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