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Adding new habits to your daily rou­tine can help you reach your goal eas­ily and per­ma­nently. Start by tak­ing small steps with­out think­ing about the big­ger pic­ture.

Go small start by giv­ing your­self smaller por­tions rather than dra­mat­i­cally chang­ing what you eat. Use smaller plates: re­search shows that smaller plates look as if they con­tain more food than larger plates, and eat­ing with smaller cut­lery en­cour­ages you to take smaller mouth­fuls. Eat slowly, chew your food more and put down your cut­lery be­tween mouth­fuls to give your­self a chance to no­tice when you’re full.

Get enouGh sleep

sleep al­lows your body to re­lease the ap­petite­sup­pres­sant lep­tin, which also af­fects your body tem­per­a­ture, in­creas­ing the amount of calo­ries burned. be­ing sleep de­prived means you don’t pro­duce enough lep­tin, but you over­pro­duce ghre­lin – a hor­mone which in­creases feel­ings of hunger.

throw out the scales

your weight is sub­jec­tive, fluc­tu­ates for many rea­sons and isn’t a good in­di­ca­tor of how healthy you are any­way. In­stead, mea­sure the parts of you that you’d like to be slim­mer (arms, waist, thighs) be­cause the chances are you ac­tu­ally want to be slim­mer, not lighter. re­mea­sure th­ese ar­eas in a month’s time. Los­ing just a few cen­time­tres means you’re mov­ing in the right di­rec­tion and can be op­ti­mistic that you’re do­ing the right thing.

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