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Day1 B�eak�ast Overnight ap­ple oats

Com­bine 50g oats with 120ml semi-skimmed milk. Add 2tbsp grated ap­ple, ½tsp cin­na­mon and 1tsp �laxseed. Place in the �ridge overnight and in the morn­ing top with 1tbsp sun�lower seeds and add a splash o� milk to �each your desi�ed con­sis­tency.

Morn­ing snack

2tbsp wal­nuts and ½ an av­o­cado.

Lunch Tuna, rocket and cu­cum­ber wrap

Com­bine 1 tin tuna in spring wa­ter, with un­lim­ited sh�ed­ded cu­cum­ber and �ocket, 1tbsp c�ème �raîche and 3 cher�� toma­toes. Fill 1 whole­meal wrap and se��e.

A�ter­noon snack

1 small pot o� G�eek yo­ghu�t and 2tbsp cashew nuts.

Din­ner Veg­gie burg­ers with salad

Mash to­gether ¼ can but­ter beans, 1 small steamed car�ot and ½ grated cou�gette. Shape into pat­ties, dip in one beaten egg and pan-���. Se��e with a g�een salad.

Day2 B�eak�ast Av­o­cado on toast

Mash ½ an av­o­cado and com­bine with 2 cher�� toma­toes, sliced, and 1tbsp grated cu­cum­ber. Sp�ead the av­o­cado mixtu�e onto 2 slices o� whole­meal or ��e toast.

Morn­ing snack

1 ap­ple and 2tbsp al­monds.

Lunch Roasted veg­etable and tzatziki wrap

Com­bine 50g G�eek yo­ghu�t with 2tbsp grated cu­cum­ber and the juice o� ¼ lemon. Mean­while �oast ½ yel­low pep­per and 4 cher�� toma­toes. Sp�ead the tzatziki on 1 whole­meal wrap and top with �oasted veg and 1 hand�ul �ocket.

A�ter­noon snack

2 oat­cakes and 1tbsp hou­mous.

Din­ner Mack­erel with steamed greens

Se��e 1 smoked macke�el fil­let with un­lim­ited b�oc­coli, kale and g�een beans.

Day3 B�eak�ast Eggy bread

Add 1tbsp onion, diced, to 2 beaten o�ganic eggs. Dip 2 slices o� whole­meal b�ead into the egg mixtu�e and ��� in 1tsp but­ter.

Morn­ing snack

2 crispb�eads and 1tbsp gua­camole

Lunch Smoked sal­mon salad

Com­bine 3 slices o� smoked sal­mon with ½ a bag o� mixed salad leaves, 1 car�ot, grated, 20g cu­cum­ber, sliced, 3 sun­dried toma­toes, and 3 black olives. D�ess the salad in the juice o� ½ a lemon. A�ter­noon snack 100g un­salted pop­corn.

Din­ner Chicken breast with quinoa

Steam 1 chicken b�east. Then ��� 1 small onion, 2 cher�� toma­toes and 30g but­ter­nut squash. Stir th�ough 100g spinach and the seeds o� ½ a pome­gran­ate. Mix th�ough 40g cooked quinoa and se��e with the chicken b�east.

Day4 B�eak�ast

Straw­berry por­ridge Cook 50ml por­ridge oats with 150ml al­mond milk. Top with 3 ��esh straw­ber­ries, sliced and 1tbsp pump­kin seeds.

Morn­ing snack

1 pear and 2tbsp al­monds.

Lunch Sar­dine salad

Com­bine 1 small can o� sa�dines with ½ a bag o� �ocket leaves, 3 cher��

toma­toes, 3 black olives, ¼ yel­low pep­per, ¼ �ed pep­per and 30g cu­cum­ber, sliced. D�ess the salad in the juice o� ½ a lemon and 1tbsp olive oil.

A�ter­noon snack

1 small pot o� G�eek yo­ghu�t and 2tbsp cashew nuts.

Din­ner Lemon sole with roasted veg­eta­bles

1 grilled lemon sole fil­let d�essed in 1tbsp lime juice and 1tsp mixed herbs. Se��e with un­lim­ited steamed b�oc­coli, 50g �oasted pump­kin and 1 �oasted yel­low pep­per.

Day5 B�eak�ast Poached eggs on a whole­meal muf­fin

2 poached eggs se��ed with 1 whole­meal mu�fin, toasted and 2tbsp steamed spinach.

Morn­ing snack

1 piece o� whole­meal seeded toast with 1 small mashed banana.

Lunch Chicken skewers with salad

Cut one ½ �ed pep­per into cubes and ar­range on 2 skewers with 100g chicken b�east cubes and 1 small cou�gette cut into discs. Cover in 1tbsp nat­u­ral G�eek yo­ghu�t and chopped pars­ley and �oast in the oven. Se��e with a g�een salad.

A�ter­noon snack

Un­lim­ited cele�� sticks with 1tbsp hou­mous.

Din­ner Prawn stir-fry

Cook 100g prawns, with 1 onion, diced, 1 la�ge chopped to­mato, ¼ small yel­low pep­per, diced, and ¼ bag o� stir-�ried veg. Add 1tbsp soya sauce and the juice o� ½ a lime. Top with 1tbsp toasted cashew nuts and se��e on cou�gette rib­bons made ��om 1 cou�gette spi­ralised or peeled into rib­bons.

Day6 B�eak�ast Wake-me-up smoothie

Com­bine 1 scoop o� p�otein pow­der with 180ml semi-skimmed milk. Add 1 ��ozen banana, 50g spinach leaves and 3 chunks o� pineap­ple. Blitz un­til smooth.

Morn­ing snack

2 whole­grain rice cakes topped with 2tbsp cottage cheese.

Lunch Sweet potato jacket with turkey Bolog­nese

Sautée 100g tu�key mince with 1 onion, 1 ga�lic clove and ¼ jar o� ��esh Bolog­nese sauce. Se��e in a baked sweet potato with a g�een salad.

A�ter­noon snack

1 pear topped with 1tbsp nut but­ter.

Din­ner Cau­li­flower-crust pizza

Place a qua�ter o� a head o� cauli�lower in a �ood p�oces­sor and blitz un­til it �orms c�umbs.lightly steam the cauli�lower (squeeze out any ex­cess moistu�e) and com­bine with ½ a cup o� sh�ed­ded mozza�ella and a qua�ter o� a cup grated Parme­san. Mix th�ough a beaten egg and, us­ing your hands, shape into a ball be�o�e �lat­ten­ing into a �ound pizza base. Place in the oven at 180ºc/gas ma�k 4 un­til golden (a�ound 15 mins), then top with 1tbsp to­mato pu�ée, 20g mozza�ella, a hand�ul o� �ocket and 1tbsp peas.



Muesli with banana

50g muesli se��ed with hal� a banana, sliced and 120ml al­mond milk.

Morn­ing snack

Un­lim­ited car�ot c�udités and 1tbsp to­mato salsa.

Lunch Chick­pea stew

Com­bine ½ can chick­peas with 1 small chopped �ed onion, 1 ga�lic chopped ga�lic clove, 1 cou�gette, un­lim­ited kale, 1tsp cin­na­mon, 1tsp cumin, 1 chopped chilli and gar­nish with co­rian­der. Se��e with 50g b�own rice.

A�ter­noon snack

80g blue­ber­ries and 1tbsp cashew nuts.

Din­ner Chicken curry

Pan-��� 1 onion, 1 clove ga�lic and ½ yel­low pep­per, diced. Add 100g sliced chicken b�east and 1tsp cur�� pow­der, ½tsp cumin and 2tbsp to­mato pu�ée. Se��e on 50g b�own rice.

Sugar is sci­en­tif­i­cally proven to be as ad­dic­tive as cig­a­rettes or drugs

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