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You’re not a pig­tailed school­girl, sure. And you may not be an elite boxer like Ni­cola Adams, ei­ther. So what? As both Ms Adams and your niece will tell you, skip­ping with a rope is a killer work­out. ‘The skip­ping rope is small but mighty,’ ex­plains Mark Reigate, head trainer at Fitzroy Lodge Ama­teur Box­ing Club in Lon­don. ‘It may look sim­ple, but, when used in the right way, it can pro­vide a full-body car­dio and strength ses­sion that tar­gets your bi­ceps, tri­ceps, del­toids and chest, as well as ton­ing your thighs, hips and glutes.’ You might ini­tially find your­self all tan­gled up, but stick with it. ‘These ex­er­cises are de­signed to im­prove your hand/ eye co­or­di­na­tion, so you won’t be trip­ping up for­ever,’ says Reigate. It’s time to get into the swing of it.

FYI 1. Do each move­ment for 30 sec­onds, fol­lowed by a 30-sec­ond break. 2. Re­peat each move­ment six times be­fore mov­ing on to the next.

HOP­PING SKIP Tar­gets: Calves, ham­strings

(a) En­gage your core and hold a han­dle of the rope in each hand. Keep your hands out to the side, el­bows tucked in. Swing the rope above your head and hop over it on your right foot.

(b) With each arc of the rope, switch feet so you land on a dif­fer­ent foot each time.

CLAS­SIC SKIP Tar­gets: Calves, ham­strings

(a) So, en­gage your core and swing the rope over your head. But this time, jump over it with both feet in­stead of hop­ping. In other words, your clas­sic skip

(the clue’s in the name).

(b) Steadily in­crease the speed at which the rope swings, then, when your heart is pump­ing, add in a sec­ond jump as it passes over your head. Now, catch your breath.

SIDE-TO-SIDE SKIP Tar­gets: Bi­ceps, tri­ceps

(a) Hold­ing the rope, be­gin with your hands to­gether at one side of your body. Mov­ing your hands in a fig­ure of eight mo­tion across your torso, swing the rope so that the mid­point reaches above your head be­fore hit­ting the floor at the op­po­site side of your body. Re­peat this mo­tion four times.

(b) On the fifth swing, sep­a­rate your hands so they are at each side of your body in clas­sic skip­ping po­si­tion, skip over the rope, then re­turn to the start and re­peat. Don’t for­get that core.

CROSS­OVER SKIP Tar­gets: Del­toids, chest

(a) Start in the clas­sic skip­ping po­si­tion with your core en­gaged. Be­gin to do your first skip, but, as the rope swings above your head, cross your hands over your torso.

(b) As you do your sec­ond skip, un­cross your arms to re­turn to the clas­sic po­si­tion. Then do it all over again, al­ter­nat­ing with each jump.

HIGH KNEES Tar­gets: Calves, ham­strings,


(a) Start with hands ei­ther side of your body ready to swing the rope over your head. Now, in­stead of jump­ing over the rope, al­ter­nate high knee hops. Yep, it hurts.

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