Stream­line your mezze – those small plates can be de­ceiv­ing

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Th­ese lit­tle spheres have vir­tu­ous writ­ten all over them. Ex­cept they’re any­thing but. Deep-fried in un­known oils, just 100g can con­tain up to 18g of fat. Bake your own to get the omega-6 fatty acid good­ness from the chick­peas and none of the bad stuff.


Re­plac­ing your white pitta with a whole­meal one is worth it, hon­est. Whole­meal foods have a low gly­caemic in­dex. So? A slew of stud­ies* have found that peo­ple on low-gi di­ets lose more body fat than those on oth­ers.


The de­cep­tively named buck­wheat is ac­tu­ally a fi­bre-packed seed – and a weight­loss win­ner. It can help lower blood sugar, which has been linked to a re­duced ap­petite and bet­ter di­ges­tion. Oh, and buck­wheat is less than half the price of quinoa. Cha-ching.


Turkey isn’t just a low-cal stand-in for fat­tier meats like lamb. It’s also rich in vi­ta­min B6, which has been shown to ease post leg-day DOMS. Plus, it stim­u­lates the growth of beige fat, which burns calo­ries in­stead of stor­ing them. Gob­ble up.


Neck­ing spoon­fuls of shop-bought hum­mus on the reg­u­lar? Stop. Just 50g can hold a fifth of your RDA of fat. Swap it for a low­fat beet­root dip, which could even boost your work­out. Beet­root is rich in ni­trates that aid ath­letic en­durance. So, go on, beet your PB.

Lite mezze Key in­gre­di­ents: Beet­root • Turkey • Buck­wheat Cals: 615 Sat fat: 3.4g

Orig­i­nal mezze Key in­gre­di­ents: Hum­mus • White pitta • Lamb Cals: 914 Sat fat: 6.3g

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