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Tar­gets: Quads, core

Do: Work your way down from 8 counts on the sad­dle and 8 counts off to 6, 4 and 2 and then back up to 8.

(a) Plug your­self into some high-tempo mu­sic and ad­just the cy­cle re­sis­tance to 50%.

(b) Pedal in time with the beat for 8 counts, then, us­ing your quads to lift you out of the seat and core to keep you bal­anced, stand and pedal for 8. Re­peat for 6...


Tar­gets: Glutes, core, abs, quads, ham­strings

Do: 30 secs, then a

15-sec re­cov­ery ride

(a) Still ped­alling to the beat, with your hands on the han­dle­bars, use your quads to lift you out of the sad­dle.

(b) Lower into a squat, hov­er­ing above the sad­dle, and keep ped­alling with no bounce so your up­per body re­mains static. Keep that core en­gaged.


Tar­gets: Arms, chest, core Do: Do 8 counts, then work down to 6, 4 and 2, with 15-sec sprints in be­tween

(a) Stay out of the sad­dle and set the re­sis­tance to 50%.

(b) Ex­tend­ing your body for­wards from the hips, lower your chest to the han­dle­bars and hold there for 8 beats, keep­ing your core en­gaged and your el­bows tucked into your waist. Push your­self back up, then re­peat.


Tar­gets: Glutes, core, quads, calves, ham­strings Do: 30 secs for­wards, then a 15-sec back­wards sprint (a) Turn the re­sis­tance up as high as you can – so you can only just push the ped­als. (b) When your 30-sec slog is over, pedal back­wards as fast as you can for 15 secs. This one’s a killer.


Tar­gets: Core

Do: As many reps as you can in 60 secs

(a) Ly­ing on the floor be­hind the bike with your bum as close to the frame as pos­si­ble, lift your feet up to rest on the sad­dle.

(b) En­gag­ing your core, curl up to bring your chest to­wards your knees while fo­cus­ing on us­ing those stom­ach mus­cles. Pre­pare to hurt come morn­ing.

THE EX­PERT Who: Naomi White, in­struc­tor at Boom Cy­cle

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