There’s no heavy lift­ing re­quired in Ms King’s fit-body regime. Her re­sis­tance work­out uses zero added weight but gets max­i­mum re­sults. Start with 15 min­utes of skip­ping to warm up the body, then do the cir­cuit all the way through, rest for one minute and

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Ty­rone Bren­nand (@beth­e­fittest) Per­sonal trainer, yoga in­struc­tor and founder of per­sonal train­ing agency Be The Fittest (beth­e­

5. PLANK PRESS-UP Do: 10 reps per arm Tar­gets: Abs, del­toids (a) Start in a fore­arm plank with your core en­gaged. Lift your right hand and place the palm on the floor, then re­peat with the left to end in a high plank. (b) Re­verse the move­ment to re­turn to your start­ing fore­arm plank po­si­tion. Try to keep your hips still through­out the ex­er­cise.

1. WIDE SUMO SQUAT Do: 15 reps Tar­gets: Glutes, quads (a) Stand with your feet wider than hip-width apart, toes slightly turned out, then squat low, ass to grass, with your heels on the floor and back straight. (b) Press through your heels back to stand­ing, squeez­ing your glutes at the top of the move. Go fast enough to keep your heart rate up. 6. LYING DOWN LEG RAISE Do: 15 reps Tar­gets: Hips, core (a) Lie on your back with your hands un­der your glutes to main­tain the nat­u­ral curve of the spine. Lift your legs to the ceil­ing, toes pointed. (b) Slowly lower your legs, keep­ing them straight, and stop at the point when your back starts to arch. That’s one done. Now re­peat. 2. PRESS-UP Do: 10 reps Tar­gets: Tri­ceps, pecs (a) As­sume a high plank with your hands wider than your shoul­ders. Keep­ing your bum and abs en­gaged, bend your el­bows, keep­ing them tucked into your sides as you lower. (b) Push the floor away with your hands to go back to the top of the move­ment. That’s go­ing to hurt to­mor­row.

7. GLUTE KICK­BACK AND PULSE Do: 20 reps per leg Tar­gets: Glutes, ham­strings (a) Get on your hands and knees, keep­ing your back flat. Ex­tend your right leg back, with the knee bent and sole of the foot fac­ing up­wards. (b) Pulse the leg up and down 10 times, then re­turn the leg to the start­ing po­si­tion and re­peat on the other side. 3. CRUNCH Do: 20 reps Tar­gets: Core, abs (a) Lie flat on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the ground and hands either side of your head. Push the small of your back into the floor to iso­late your abs. (b) Roll your shoul­ders about 10cm off the floor, con­tract­ing your abs. Hold for a breath and gen­tly lower to the start­ing po­si­tion. 8. TRI­CEP DIP Do: 15 reps Tar­gets: Tri­ceps, bi­ceps (a) Sit on the edge of a bench or step with your legs out straight and feet on the floor. Grip the edge and scoot for­ward un­til your bum is in front of the seat. (b) Bend your el­bows and lower your hips un­til your up­per arms are par­al­lel to the floor, then push back up and go again.

4. SQUAT JUMP Do: 15 reps Tar­gets: Car­dio, glutes, ham­strings, quads (a) Stand with your feet shoul­der-width apart, arms at your sides, then squat un­til your knees are bent at a 90° an­gle. (b) Swing your arms over­head and jump as high as you can, land­ing gen­tly with bent knees and sink­ing back into a squat to go again.

9. SIT-UP AND TWIST Do: 20 reps Tar­gets: Core, obliques (a) Lie on your back and put your hands either side of your head. Breathe in and en­gage your core. (b) Slowly lift your up­per body off the floor, ex­tend your left arm and twist through your torso to touch the floor next to your right leg. Un­twist and re­peat on the other side.

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