Whether you swing, squat or curl, the ket­tle­bell and the barbell are the heavy­weights of re­sis­tance train­ing. But which will lift your gains to the next level?

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Which will lift your gains?

The load might be rel­a­tively small, but us­ing a ket­tle­bell in compound move­ments – such as a rene­gade row – will tone up mul­ti­ple mus­cle groups in­clud­ing abs, arms and glutes.

It’s easy to use in a HIIT work­out, and a bal­lis­tic move­ment like the ket­tle­bell swing – which in­volves fast ac­cel­er­a­tion – helps strip fat as your heart rate in­creases.

Let your form go awry and you could do se­ri­ous dam­age to your back. Un­til you’re used to a new move, watch your form in the mir­ror to avoid spinal in­jury.

‘The barbell is a re­stric­tive piece of equip­ment – you need a squat rack – whereas a ket­tle­bell can be used any­where. Plus, it's great for new­bies, un­like a barbell, which re­quires more ad­vanced tech­nique.’

PT Abi Dew­berry, Best’s Boot­camp


Go­ing from ly­ing down to stand­ing with a ket­tle­bell in your hand is hard. Oh, and you have to keep your arm straight. Nail this and it’ll do won­ders for your over­all strength.

Load­ing up a bar with your body weight in iron and get­ting your squat on can lead to se­ri­ous gains in the glute de­part­ment. Hello, peachy.

Re­searchers from Cal­i­for­nia State Univer­sity found that barbell train­ing twice a week for six weeks can lead to nearly 10% more mus­cle gain than ket­tle­bell train­ing.

A heav­ier weight strength­ens mus­cles, but your joints can take a hit. His­tory of knee nig­gles? Con­sult a health pro­fes­sional be­fore con­fronting the squat rack.

‘Even the heav­i­est ket­tle­bells aren’t big enough for dead­lifts. Bar­bells of­fer a broader range of ex­er­cises, plus the abil­ity to load much heav­ier.’

PT Christo­pher Quinn, Phys­i­cal Cul­ture


Touted by train­ers as one of the best ex­er­cises to help you strengthen mul­ti­ple joints at once, the move is tech­ni­cally small, but very mighty.

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