Breath­ing ex­er­cises to help you get more out of life

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GET BACK TO SLEEP Wide awake and rest­less at 2am? Breathe in through your nose for four sec­onds, hold your breath for seven sec­onds, then ex­hale through your mouth for eight sec­onds. This slows your heart rate and trig­gers the parasym­pa­thetic ner­vous sys­tem for max­i­mum chill.

HAVE HOTTER SEX Prac­tise slow­ing your breath­ing to­gether dur­ing sex. And then, when you’re on the verge, take some deep, full breaths. They can help you pause and build up to a sec­ond wind. Every­body wins.

BEAT THE BUT­TER­FLIES When your stom­ach is do­ing som­er­saults, take some deep di­aphrag­matic breaths into the belly. In­hale through the nose and out through the mouth with a lit­tle pause in be­tween. As you breathe in, ex­pand your belly, and as you ex­hale, pull it back in. You’ve got this.

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