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Large yachts are get­ting ever eas­ier to han­dle. Push-but­ton electrics and hy­draulics that al­low loads to be man­aged re­li­ably have cre­ated new pos­si­bil­i­ties for manag­ing siz­able yachts short-handed. Thrusters – both bow and stern – are the norm at this size and can al­le­vi­ate con­cerns with moor­ing, while ad­vances in deck-gear tech­nol­ogy have made sail-han­dling much eas­ier.

As in the car in­dus­try, space has be­come king. Added length in yachts can bring in­creased com­fort, el­e­gance and speed, but there are down­sides. With ex­tra vol­ume and weight comes a lin­ear in­crease in the size and cost of each bit of deck gear and rig­ging needed to bear the ex­tra loads.

Sail­ing a push-but­ton power-as­sisted yacht might be a

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