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Well done to Sheila Gal­loway and Sue

Pell for fin­ish­ing run­ners up in the Year End Swiss Pairs, held in Black­pool after Christ­mas.

To­day’s hand from a lo­cal du­pli­cate sees de­clarer make an in­tel­li­gent as­sump­tion to land a bor­der­line 3NT game.

South’s 2NT bid showed 17/18 points as she was cop­ing with in­ter­ven­tion, so it would be the same bid with­out the 2♥ over­call (a jump re­bid over 1♠). With only 15/16 points South would have passed and given North an­other bid. North was bor­der­line to raise to game but the K10 of di­a­monds seemed like very use­ful cards, after South’s 1♦ opener.

West led the ♥6 against 3NT, low from dummy, the Ten of hearts from East (cheap­est of touch­ing hon­ours for third player) and de­clarer ducked the Ace. East per­sisted with the ♥K, ducked again and then de­clarer won the third round with the Ace.

De­clarer counted eight cer­tain tricks and looked to clubs for the ninth trick and pos­si­bly an awk­ward KJ guess. De­clarer wisely de­cided to cash five di­a­mond winners to put the op­po­nents un­der pres­sure. East had to hold on to her two win­ning hearts, so let go two spades and two clubs.

De­clarer then paid a visit to dummy with the Ace of spades and led the ♣2 from dummy, ♣10 from East and now came the mo­ment of truth, whether to play the King or Jack of clubs from hand. Which one would you play?

De­clarer sur­mised that if East had the Ace of clubs then she would have played it and quickly cashed two heart winners for one down. So the as­sump­tion was that West had the Ace of clubs there­fore de­clarer played the ♣J which lost to West’s Ace.

West could not re­turn hearts as she didn’t have any, so tried a spade but de­clarer won the King and cashed the King of clubs. 3NT made.

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