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Once your horse has got the hang of jump­ing the up­right with the can­ter poles, you can bring him onto a cir­cle. This ex­er­cise is rid­den on a 20m cir­cle and en­cour­ages your horse to bend. When rid­den on both reins, it’s a great way to loosen his body and sup­ple him up. Us­ing the poles with the jump will im­prove his bal­ance. SET IT UP: Place your jump any­where on your 20m cir­cle with a pole three steps be­fore the jump and three steps af­ter. HOW TO RIDE IT: 1. Go large and es­tab­lish a bouncy counter on the left rein. 2. Once you’re happy with the rhythm, come on to your 20m cir­cle and pre­pare for the jump. 3. Af­ter the jump, con­tinue to ride on your cir­cle. 4. Re­peat the ex­er­cise so that you go over the fence three times in to­tal. 5. Af­ter your third jump, change the rein and do the same in the other di­rec­tion.

You can place your jump any­where on your cir­cle

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