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STACEY ROLPH’S IR­ISH sport horse, Jumbo, is a good doer and gained a few too many ki­los over the win­ter. She’s now wor­ry­ing about the risks of the spring grass. Stacey says Jumbo has al­ways been a very good doer so ide­ally she should have let him lose weight over the win­ter. She strug­gled this year though — weeks of snow meant he was sta­bled for longer than usual and had less ex­er­cise. Now the days are longer, Stacey is rid­ing for at least an hour ev­ery day. Jumbo is also be­ing turned out daily onto re­stricted graz­ing, but the dilemma is what to feed him when he is sta­bled overnight. Cur­rently he has soaked, double-net­ted hay but he eats it quickly, then starts kick­ing the sta­ble door in protest, which the yard owner, who lives on site, isn’t over­joyed about. Stacey could con­sider giv­ing Jumbo sev­eral scoops of a low calo­rie, low starch and sugar, fi­bre-based feed as a hay re­placer when he comes in at night. This will pro­vide con­trolled, re­duced calo­ries, un­like the vari­able calo­ries in hay. She could then ask the yard owner to give Jumbo his net of soaked hay last thing at night to help keep him oc­cu­pied and hope­fully dis­tract him from kick­ing his door. SPILLERS® HAPPY HOOF® is a low calo­rie, short-chop for­age con­tain­ing all the vi­ta­mins and min­er­als needed for good health. It can be used as a par­tial or to­tal re­place­ment for hay and helps ex­tend eat­ing time. SPILLERS® HAPPY HOOF® is ap­proved by The Lamini­tis Trust and has been used suc­cess­fully in im­por­tant lamini­tis stud­ies.

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