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“While a cup or two of cof­fee a day is not go­ing to cause you much harm, much more than that will cause havoc with your blood sugar, de­hy­drate you and leave you feel­ing more tired and drained, per­pet­u­at­ing the need for more caffeine,” says Sarah. Grad­u­ally wean your­self off cof­fee and tea, opt­ing for de­caf­feinated or herbal ver­sions in­stead .


A quick tip­ple def­i­nitely won’t leave you rar­ing to go – in fact al­co­hol is a seda­tive so it’s more likely to make you sleepy. If you’re tempted by a night cap, don’t be, while a boozy drink might help you drift off ini­tially you’re more likely to wake up again a few hours later be­cause al­co­hol raises your stress lev­els and gets your adrenalin pump­ing.


“Sug­ary foods give you a very short-term boost of en­ergy and then leave you feel­ing depleted and low,” says Sarah. “Then you crave more sugar to get rid of that slug­gish feel­ing and the cy­cle starts again. One of the first things peo­ple tell me when they cut down on sugar is how much more en­ergy they have.”


White bread, pasta, cakes and bis­cuits are all re­fined carbohydrates. “They af­fect your body in the same way as sugar, caus­ing a tem­po­rary en­ergy boost be­fore a blood sugar crash,” says Sarah. Swap to whole­grain ver­sions such as brown rice and whole­grain bread which pro­vide a sus­tain­able source of en­ergy.

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