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Eat Break­fast Early… Im­prov­ing your night’s sleep starts from the minute you wake. Make sure you have break­fast within 30 min­utes of wak­ing. “Start­ing your day on an empty stom­ach means your body runs on ‘adrenaline en­ergy’, which causes shal­low sleep that night,” says Ne­rina.

Drink two litres of wa­ter a Day… De­hy­dra­tion can be a cat­a­lyst for sleep prob­lems. Ac­cord­ing to Ne­rina, when our bod­ies ex­pe­ri­ence de­hy­dra­tion, they re­vert into sur­vival mode, dis­turb­ing the reg­u­la­tory sys­tems in the brain that con­trol sleep.

ELEC­TRONIC SUNDOWN… An hour be­fore bed switch off your phone, your com­puter and your TV. It might be a tough habit to break, but you need to do this if you’re se­ri­ous about sleep­ing bet­ter.

Go to bed Early… The hours be­fore mid­night are a re­ally im­por­tant part of get­ting good sleep; they are the hours that are deeply restora­tive,” says Ne­rina. “Even if you get a good amount of sleep, go­ing to bed late is likely to make much of your sleep highly in­ef­fi­cient. Get to bed around 10.30pm four nights a week to al­low your body to ac­cess that vi­tal 90-minute phase of sleep be­fore mid­night.”

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