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One of the rea­sons we feel more tired as we get older is be­cause we lose mus­cle mass, which is sur­pris­ingly im­por­tant when it comes to fight­ing fa­tigue.

“Glu­cose from the food you eat, but don’t im­me­di­ately use is con­verted into glyco­gen and stored in your mus­cles and your liver un­til it’s needed,” says Julie. “When you need a burst of en­ergy your body draws on this store. If you lose mus­cle you also lose a store of en­ergy.” Thank­fully it is en­tirely pos­si­ble to build mus­cle, even if you’ve al­ready lost some. Reg­u­lar re­sis­tance train­ing (do­ing ex­er­cises that in­clude push­ing and pulling against a weight) is easy and you don’t need to go to the gym. “Use hand weights or re­sis­tance bands at home or walk up and down the stairs to build your leg mus­cles,” says Julie. Sit-ups, push-up, squats and lunges all help to build mus­cle and im­prove en­ergy lev­els.

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