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This fort­night, Roy talks about the need for good man­ners in today’s hus­tle and bus­tle

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Iwas leaf­ing through Yours when I found a piece from a favourite TV pre­sen­ter of mine, Ben Fogle. Not only do I en­joy his pro­grammes, but his mum, the smash­ing ac­tress Ju­lia Fos­ter, was the idol of all the lads of my age. (But enough of spotty teenagers’ dreams – back to the story.) Ben is quoted as say­ing how few peo­ple stand up and of­fer their seats to the elderly on buses and the Tube. When I of­fer my seat to some­one they usu­ally look at me be­nignly and shake their heads, im­ply­ing, ‘Dear oh dear, does he think I look older than him?’. Ben com­plains about the growth of rude­ness today and won­ders if we should start a cam­paign to bring back man­ners. Well, we’ve al­ready got one. It was started in 1986 by the Rev­erend Ian Gre­gory who called it The Cam­paign for Cour­tesy. Ian, and those who feel the same as he does, are still bang­ing the drum for the same things as Ben. The Cam­paign’s sim­ple aims are the pro­mo­tion of good man­ners, re­spect for self and oth­ers, cour­tesy for all and re­jec­tion of an­ti­so­cial be­hav­iour. If th­ese ideals seem old-fash­ioned – well, they don’t to me. I’ve been a pa­tron of the Cam­paign for many years along with peo­ple I wouldn’t dream of be­ing rude to; Bill Beau­mont, Bobby Charl­ton, Es­ther Rantzen and Dame June Whit­field. We all agree that life would be much nicer if all of us were po­liter to each other. Sim­ple as that. The Cam­paign has no rules, just the com­bined de­sire to be less self­ish – I’m still work­ing on that! The Cam­paign or­gan­ises events all over the coun­try and gives awards to or­gan­i­sa­tions, shops, towns and in­di­vid­u­als who make that ex­tra ef­fort. Even pay­ing a bill is not quite so painful if the re­quest is ac­com­pa­nied by a smile. A taxi driver once said to me: “Blimey, you’re Roy ‘Udd! Wait till I tell the mis­sus I’ve had Roy ‘Udd in the cab!”. I said, grate­fully: “Oh, is she a fan?” He said: “No! She thinks you’re bloom­ing aw­ful!”. But he did say it with a smile… I do think The Cam­paign’s mes­sage is get­ting through. A young co­me­dian named Danny Wal­lace has writ­ten a book called I Can’t Be­lieve You Just Said That which tries to ex­plain why peo­ple are so rude today. I’m rush­ing out to buy a copy – and if it’s not in stock I’ll try hard not to be rude!

‘We all agree that life would be much nicer if all of us were po­liter to each other. Sim­ple as that’

Roy agrees with Ben Fogle’s com­ments on cour­tesy n

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