Univer­sal siz­ing

We had a huge re­sponse to our ar­ti­cle on a WI cam­paign to tackle the vari­a­tion in sizes be­tween shops. Here are a few of your let­ters and emails

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I’m four dif­fer­ent sizes!

I don’t think you can take any no­tice of clothes sizes any more. Years ago I was seven stone and was a size 12, no mat­ter where I bought my clothes. Now I am seven and-a-half stone and don’t know where to buy from as all siz­ing is dif­fer­ent. I have in my wardrobe sizes eight, ten, 12 and 14 and they all fit! Help! Grace Bryan, Wis­bech

Shoe prob­lems

I have had prob­lems for a long time with dif­fer­ent clothes sizes – and the same with shoes. I strug­gle to get shoes to fit my size three feet. I used to be able to go into a shop and buy shoes eas­ily but now I find a size three is more like a three-and-a-half and I’m sure this is to do with Amer­i­can siz­ing. E Bat­tersby, White­field

No to univer­sal siz­ing

The thought of univer­sal siz­ing fills me with hor­ror. As some­one of non-stan­dard size, the cur­rent sys­tem gives me some choice at least – I just have to shop around, try things on and even­tu­ally I find some­thing. He­len Gaen, Ox­ford

What about sleeves?

I was very in­ter­ested in the ar­ti­cle on clothes sizes, but was sur­prised there was no men­tion of sleeves. I am a size 16 on top and 14 be­low and my daugh­ter is a size ten. Tak­ing mea­sure­ments of the sleeve-widths we found size 10 and 16 the same width. Also size 14 trousers in some stores are too tight but a size 10 fits per­fectly! Mrs F McLean, Belfast

It’s a night­mare

As a long­stand­ing mem­ber of South­sea-Portsmouth WI, I was so pleased that the sub­ject of univer­sal siz­ing has come to the fore. Clothes buy­ing for me has be­come a night­mare. Only last week I ordered two size ten sum­mer jack­ets from a cat­a­logue but knew im­me­di­ately when they ar­rived that they weren’t ac­tu­ally size ten! Iris Hoare, South­sea

Clothes are of­ten too long

I would like to know why clothes la­belled ‘short’ are never for 5ft tall ladies. In the past, ‘short’ would fit me, but now they are three to five inches longer. M&S used to be a good fit but now like the rest they are al­ways too long. And why does the length of trousers or a skirt al­ways in­crease with size? When size goes up you don’t nec­es­sar­ily be­come taller be­cause you are big­ger in size? Whether you are 12, 16, 18 or 20 you still re­main short! Mrs Con­nor, Gilling­ham

Vari­a­tion is good

My vote is against univer­sal siz­ing. I am 60 and find buy­ing clothes so much eas­ier now be­cause of the vari­a­tion in sizes. In my younger years when sizes were more con­sis­tent, clothes were ei­ther too tight or too baggy for me. It’s eas­ier now to re­turn clothes to re­tail­ers rather than pay­ing for al­ter­ations.

I’ve re­sorted to cropped trousers

I’m 4ft 10in tall and do a lot of mail-or­der shop­ping. I am con­vinced many cat­a­logue mod­els are 7ft tall! To ad­dress the prob­lem of trouser length I re­sort to buy­ing cropped trousers which gen­er­ally fit my ver­ti­cally chal­lenged legs! June Jones, Swansea

Too many size choices

Years ago sizes were uni­form across all makes and shops, but to­day! We have small, x-small, medium, x-large, xx-large or even xxx-large! I con­sider my­self a large size 18 but in one well­known shop that makes me an xx-large. And on a slightly dif­fer­ent note why can’t we go back to mea­sur­ing in inches for bust sizes? Lilian Arm­strong, Belfast

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