Here's the tablet, that pro­vides vi­ta­mins to the brain's mem­ory in a few hours.

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We've all mis­placed keys, for­got­ten some­one's name, even if after know­ing them for years, or can't re­mem­ber fa­mil­iar di­rec­tions. When we're young, we don't tend to pay much at­ten­tion, but as we grow older, some­times we worry about what this could mean.

This is known as age-re­lated mem­ory loss. which is very com­mon. The brain is ca­pa­ble of pro­duc­ing new brain cells at any age, so sig­nif­i­cant mem­ory loss is not an in­evitable re­sult of ag­ing. But just as it is with mus­cle strength. you have to use it or lose it. Your life­style, health habits. and daily ac­tiv­i­ties have a huge im­pact on the health of your brain. What­ever your age. there are many ways you can im­prove your cog­ni­tive skills. pre­vent mem­ory loss, and pro­tect your grey mat­ter. One of these is the Clear BrainTM Men­tal Per­for­mance tablet.

Ground break­ing prod­uct

New Nord iCTM has de­vel­oped a prod­uct with spe­cific nu­tri­ents to boost brain power. The tablet can help you re­gain your best men­tal per­for­mance and cog­ni­tive func­tion to aid concentration. It's not ex­clu­sive to older , peo­ple - it can be used by any adult.

Im­pres­sive clin­i­cal proof

Clear BrainTM Men­tal Per­for­mance con­tains a high po­tency amino acid L-thearine. which orig­i­nates from green tea. Tri­als us­ing nat­u­ral ex­tract L-thearine have shown clearly how brain waves dis­play higher ac­tiv­ity after just an hour of tak­ing the tablet. The di­a­gram here shows how this works - the red brain waves rep­re­sent ac­ti­va­tion of the brain's mem­ory and concentration. while the less ac­tive blue brain waves were from trial par­tic­i­pants who took a placebo.

A com­plete for­mula

As well as the pow­er­ful green tea ex­tract. the Clear BrainTM Men­tal Per­for­mance tablet con­tains nat­u­ral ex­tracts from wal­nut. pome­gran­ate. pine bark and pep­per. Added to these are B vi­ta­mins. which help to main­tain the ner­vous sys­tem, Pan­tothenic acid which con­trib­utes to men­tal per­for­mance. and io­dine, as­so­ci­ated with mem­ory, concentration and the brain's over­all cog­ni­tive func­tion.

How to join the Clear BrainTM wave

Clear BrainTM Men­tal Per­for­mance is avail­able from lead­ing health food stores or on­line at New NordicTM. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion, call New NordicTM on 0800 3891255.

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