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The North Ter­mi­nal of­fers 15 cof­fee shops & restau­rants, and 5 shops – all lo­cated inside of Con­course D. The ter­mi­nal con­sists of a Lower Level with Ar­rivals & Bag­gage Claim, and an Up­per Level with check-in and se­cu­rity check, lead­ing to Con­course D.

Con­course D is 0.5 mile long, and has west gates D16-D1, and east gates D17-D32. A mov­ing walk­way leads from the area at Gate D5 to the Up­per Level for in­ter­na­tional ar­rivals. A pedes­trian bridge con­nects the cen­ter of the Up­per Level with park­ing and ground trans­porta­tion cen­ter (level 4). A new mil­i­tary lounge, the ‘Free­dom Cen­ter’, opened next to Gate D-17.

The McNamara Ter­mi­nal at Detroit Metro Air­port is cur­rently served by AeroMex­ico, AirFrance and Delta. The McNamara Ter­mi­nal has 4 lev­els, is one mile long, with 121 gates in Con­courses A & B/C.

Depart­ing pas­sen­gers check in on level 3, go through se­cu­rity check and pro­ceed down to level 2, which leads to board­ing area and Gates A1-A38 (south) & gates A40-A78 (north) – served in the cen­ter by the Ex­press Tram run­ning sep­a­rately to south gates A11/12 and north gates A67/70 – while level 2 also of­fers an es­ca­la­tor down to the tun­nel lead­ing to Con­course B/C with gates B1-B21 & C8-C27 on up­per level, and gates C1-C7 on lower level.

Ar­riv­ing do­mes­tic pas­sen­gers pro­ceed to level 1 to claim their bags, while ar­riv­ing in­ter­na­tional pas­sen­ger­spro­ceed to the lower level for bag­gage re­trieval & cus­toms pro­ce­dure. Both the Do­mes­tic & In­ter­na­tional Ar­rivals pick-up ar­eas are right out­side.

Level 2 con­nect by pedes­trian bridge to the Park­ing and Ground Trans­porta­tion Cen­ter (and to the Con­couses /gates A, B, C).

Con­course A with gates A2 – A78 – reached from level 2 houses A gates A38/A40 in the cen­ter, with gates A36-A2 at north and A40-A78 at south. Con­course A has 1.5 miles of mov­ing walk­ways, also served by the Ex­press Tram stop­ping at Ter­mi­nal, North & South sta­tions:

• The Ter­mi­nal Sta­tion at the wa­ter fea­ture near gates A38/A40, and within easy reach of gates A29-55, and ac­cess by tun­nel to ei­ther Con­courses B & C, or at op­po­site side to sep­a­rate es­ca­la­tors to lev­els 3 & 1 and from level 1 to lower level’s in­ter­na­tional ar­rivals.

• The North Sta­tion is near gate A67 and within easy reach of gates A56-78;

• the South Sta­tion is near gate A11 and within easy reach of gates A1-28. The mil­i­tary ‘Free­dom Cen­ter’ lounge is at Gate A-43.

Flight Info screens dis­play red Ex­pressTram icons next to flights which rec­om­mend an Ex­press Tram ride. New Plum Mar­ket/ Zinger­man’s opened at gate A36.

Con­course B (at left) with gates B1-21 on op­po­site sides.

Con­course C (at right) with gates C8-C27 while gates C1-C7 are on the lower level reached by el­e­va­tor. The tun­nel at gates C1/C3 con­nects to gates A38/40.

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