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A CER­TAIN city coun­cilor’s state­ment “mil­i­tary equip­ment is most of­ten used against peo­ple of color” is reck­less and has no ba­sis in fact or truth. This in­di­vid­ual’s only goal is to cause fur­ther di­vi­sive­ness and ha­tred for law en­force­ment. DS

AS I write this, the great cham­pion of hu­man rights, Ruth Bader Gins­burg, has just passed. Al­ready the Repub­li­can Se­nate, dis­re­gard­ing their pious plat­i­tudes of 2016, are drool­ing over fill­ing her seat like dogs over a bone. Shame­less hyp­ocrites all. Vote! MB

THE BEST way for us to pay trib­ute to Jus­tice Ruth Bader Gins­burg is to cast our votes for those can­di­dates who rep­re­sent her prin­ci­ples of hon­esty, equal­ity, honor and loy­alty. KJK

REPUB­LI­CAN SE­NA­TORS are prais­ing the dis­tin­guished ca­reer of Supreme Court Jus­tice RBG, yet nearly all will vote to con­firm the Trump nom­i­nee who will be com­mit­ted to over­turn­ing Roe v. Wade and other is­sues she fought for dur­ing her il­lus­tri­ous ca­reer — e.g., LGBTQ rights, ACA. What a bunch of hyp­ocrites. LM

IN 2016, Supreme Court Jus­tice (An­tonin) Scalia died 11 months be­fore the elec­tion, and Mitch McCon­nell re­fused to con­sider a re­place­ment be­fore the elec­tion. It’s now 2020. RBG dies two months be­fore the up­com­ing elec­tion, and her body is still warm when McCon­nell says she needs to re­placed ASAP. Hyp­ocrite. EJG

THE JOUR­NAL tells us we can only find the names of Na­tional Merit semi­fi­nal­ists on­line, but the Jour­nal prints the name of any high schooler in­volved in an ac­tiv­ity or sport, no mat­ter how in­signif­i­cant or unim­por­tant. The Jour­nal’s pri­or­i­ties are re­ally screwed up when it fails to rec­og­nize high aca­demic achiev­ers in the pa­per. RB RE: “WHOSE child shoots a po­lice of­fi­cer and cel­e­brates?” col­umn in the Sept. 19 Jour­nal by Diane Di­mond. What a great op-ed and right on! How re­fresh­ing. DAW

I BE­LIEVE the en­vi­ron­men­tal­ists’ law­suits over im­ple­men­ta­tion of the (En­dan­gered Species Act) of 1973, and the courts’ overzeal­ous de­ci­sions to elim­i­nate tim­ber har­vest to pur­port­edly pro­tect the spot­ted owl through­out all pub­lic lands in the West, have con­trib­uted sig­nif­i­cantly to the size and sever­ity of the West Coast fires. ASM

SE­NIORS: CAN you live with­out So­cial Se­cu­rity? Our pres­i­dent has sus­pended the pay­roll tax un­til Jan. 1, and swears he will sus­pend it per­ma­nently if re-elected. If he does, fund­ing for So­cial Se­cu­rity will stop. And we will get our last So­cial Se­cu­rity check in 2023 when the fund­ing runs out. MD

GOV­ER­NOR ON Sept. 17 eases COVID-19 re­stric­tions to al­low: pump­kin pick­ing in com­mer­cial patches, prac­tice for sports but no games and use of swim­ming pools and camp­ing now that is largely too cold to do that. Noth­ing else. No re­lief for restau­rants and other busi­ness. Travel ban still cov­ers 80% of states. So ridicu­lous it would be laugh­able, ex­cept it isn’t funny. Busi­nesses and their work­ers con­tinue to suf­fer, for no rea­son­able rea­son . ... SDH

IT’S THAT time of the year — un­wanted phone­books. Any­one who drives down Cor­rales Road gets to see the plethora of them un­der­neath the mail­boxes lin­ing the street. What an eye­sore. Most lie there for weeks. A waste of pa­per. There should be some way that they are dis­trib­uted on a re­quest-only ba­sis. Save a tree and a plas­tic bag. MH

WHEN N.M. gets through COVID, and we will, the vot­ers need to make changes so no gov­er­nor can ever is­sue emer­gency or­ders for longer than a 30-day pe­riod with­out call­ing for a spe­cial ses­sion and hav­ing the en­tire Leg­is­la­ture ap­prove any fur­ther re­stric­tions. ... MEH

WOULD SOME­ONE please tell me what God was think­ing when he cre­ated goat heads, squash bugs and tomato worms? JSD

I AB­SO­LUTELY walk with the writer of the Sun­day let­ter: “My fa­ther shouldn’t have died from COVID; his med­i­cal chal­lenges put him at risk, peo­ple with­out masks put him in the grave.” She means you, mask de­nier. Trump. Mask re­fus­niks. All of you. Two hun­dred thou­sand Amer­i­cans and count­ing died be­cause one in­fected per­son did not wear a mask. You. DRK

SUN­DAY WHILE tak­ing my lit­tle dog for her morn­ing walk she was vi­ciously at­tacked by two big dogs run­ning off leash. I rushed her to the emer­gency hos­pi­tal, but her wounds were too se­vere and she had to be eu­th­a­nized. If you have never seen your pet lit­er­ally torn apart the way she was, you can never un­der­stand how sick it makes you feel. Please, please, peo­ple, if you can’t take proper care of your dogs, don’t have any. She didn’t de­serve to die the way she did. LM

YOU CAN’T get the elec­tion flu from sur­faces so can we please bring back the condi­ments at Costco so I don’t have to eat a plain hot dog? KP

I AGREE it’s highly im­proper for the Ci­bola County sher­iff to ap­pear in a political TV cam­paign wear­ing his uni­form. What he said was also found to be mis­lead­ing. The tar­get of the add, Xo­chitl Tor­res Small, was ac­cused of ly­ing about sup­port­ing the Sec­ond Amend­ment. She voted for (uni­ver­sal) back­ground checks … which sim­ply closes a loop­hole in the law. I be­lieve most peo­ple sup­port these checks. Vote all in­volved out of of­fice. MY

... I’M NOT just vot­ing for (Trump). I’m vot­ing for the Sec­ond Amend­ment ... the next Supreme Court jus­tice ... the Elec­toral Col­lege and the repub­lic we live in. I’m vot­ing for the po­lice and law and or­der ... the mil­i­tary and the veter­ans ... the flag that is al­ways miss­ing from the Demo­cratic back­ground ... the right to speak my opin­ion and not be cen­sored ... se­cure bor­ders ... the right to praise my God with­out fear ... ev­ery un­born soul the Democrats want to (kill) ... free­dom and the Amer­i­can Dream . ... What are you vot­ing for? TF

AS A pro-life Repub­li­can, there are sev­eral is­sues on which I could meet a Demo­crat in the mid­dle. How­ever, there is no mid­dle ground on abor­tion. The Demo­cratic Party re­fuses to pro­tect the most vul­ner­a­ble, our un­born ba­bies. I chal­lenge ev­ery Demo­crat to spend two min­utes ... lis­ten­ing to the YouTube record­ing, “The Sound of Abor­tion.” If you do, you may never look at your Demo­cratic “women’s re­pro­duc­tive health” abor­tion ra­tio­nale in a fa­vor­able light again. JLC

SOME­ONE SAID re­cently, “If you had a win­ning lot­tery ticket, would you mail it in or de­liver it in per­son?” Your vote is one of the most im­por­tant things you own. Make sure it counts. Vote in per­son. You can do it on your way to Wal­mart. CB

THERE ARE two sets of political can­di­dates that have made Al­bu­querque TV un­watch­able. Makes me sick that at ev­ery break in any show we have to hear all that baloney. I wish I could vote AGAINST ev­ery last one of them. CMM

IN THE last elec­tion I voted by mail. Re­ceived a bal­lot. Filled out, mailed at the post of­fice. Sev­eral days later, re­ceived a sec­ond bal­lot. Did my first vote count? Could I have voted twice? This was not a postal prob­lem — not say­ing the post of­fice is as re­li­able as it used to be. VSL

OUR PRES­I­DENT isn’t afraid of very rare, mail-in voter fraud. He’s afraid peo­ple who his­tor­i­cally don’t vote, will. Please do. PM

TRUMP AND Pence talk like the last four years were still un­der Obama and Bi­den. Un­der Trump we have racial protests due to po­lice bru­tal­ity, ri­ot­ing by peo­ple want­ing peace­ful protests to look bad ... a cra­ter­ing econ­omy with mil­lions out of work and a deadly world­wide pan­demic not taken se­ri­ously. PW

... PRES­I­DENT TRUMP signed two his­toric Mideast peace agree­ments and the Jour­nal had a small cor­ner de­not­ing this amaz­ing achieve­ment, while the bulk of the front page was devoted to a story of two women who made a tile mu­ral in their back­yard. Come on Jour­nal, be fair! SS

WITH SO many peo­ple need­ing jobs soon, I sug­gest large cor­po­ra­tions re­place their au­to­mated voice record­ings and on­line chat­ting with real, live English-speak­ing peo­ple. Give us a one-stop so­lu­tion to what we’re call­ing about, not a 45-minute runaround. Cor­po­ra­tions could help the un­em­ployed and im­prove their cus­tomer ser­vice at the same time. JC

DOWN­TOWN ABQ is sup­posed to be the cen­ter of gov­ern­ment and busi­ness. Quit build­ing two- and three-story apart­ments on va­cant lots. En­cour­age tall build­ing con­struc­tion, 15 to 20 sto­ries for busi­ness. Al­low apart­ments on the perime­ter. Stop the al­co­hol-fu­eled ter­ror­ist en­vi­ron­ment that ex­ists now. AO




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