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Aleta Pip­pin ad­mits, “When I started to paint I tried to con­trol every­thing.” To­day, she ex­per­i­ments with the qual­i­ties of the var­i­ous me­dia she uses—acrylic, resin and oil. She has learned what each medium is ca­pa­ble of do­ing.

“I use a pal­ette knife with the oils so I’m ac­tu­ally touch­ing the paint,” she says. “Oth­er­wise, I’m al­low­ing the ma­te­rial to do what it does. Some­times I add wa­ter to the acrylic or tur­pen­tine to the oil but the ef­fect isn’t some­thing I can con­trol. The paint­ings are spon­ta­neous and some­times the ef­fect I want is there but I can’t stop it. I walk a thin line be­tween spon­tane­ity and con­trol.

“I’m all about color,” she con­tin­ues. “Acrylics have a sharp syn­thetic qual­ity and with oils I can use thin or thicker glazes and play with the rich col­ors oils have.”

Her lat­est mixed-me­dia paint­ings will be in an ex­hi­bi­tion, Here We Go Round in Cir­cles, at Pip­pin Con­tem­po­rary in Santa Fe, New Mex­ico, July 4 through 17, with an artist’s re­cep­tion July 6.

Among the new work are “rounds,” cir­cu­lar paint­ings that evolved from her use of a spin­ner to ap­ply the paint in ear­lier work.

An oil paint­ing that comes clos­est to con­trol and to re­al­is­tic im­agery is Just One of Those Glo­ri­ous Days. Although the en­er­getic spirit of the artist is vis­i­ble in all her paint­ings, this one ex­presses who she is.

She says, “My paint­ings are an emo­tional ex­pres­sion of my life jour­ney…My world is al­ways spir­i­tual. The paint­ings are com­ing from an in­ner as­pect of my­self. I’m tap­ping into my to­tal self. I like that they don’t have form be­cause peo­ple can look at them and tap into their own life jour­ney. Spir­i­tual to me is all there is.”




Aglow #2, mixed me­dia, 24"


Aglow #1, mixed me­dia, 36"


Aleta Pip­pin in her stu­dio.


Just One of Those Glo­ri­ous Days, oil on linen, 48 x 36"

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