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Heidi Bar­nett loves color, and some­times knows what col­ors she wants to use in a painting be­fore choos­ing the sub­ject. “My in­spi­ra­tion comes from my sur­round­ings, the North­west and Puget Sound area have no lack of in­spi­ra­tion,” she says. She calls her style of work or­ganic pointil­lism, ex­plain­ing, “When you read the def­i­ni­tion of a pointil­list, out­side of the dots/ dabs of paint I don’t feel

I have much in com­mon. In my cir­cles of color I use I have many col­ors and strive for that —I want lots of color com­ing through in each swirl of color. I also love the ran­dom­ness of drip­ping paint, which I of­ten use in my work. Pointil­lism is very planned and usu­ally solid dots of color.”

Color leads Bar­nett to ex­per­i­men­ta­tion, to lib­er­a­tion and to ex­pres­sion at the most pro­found lev­els. She says, “The first time I saw the im­pres­sion­ists, I fell wildly in love with their mode of ex­pres­sion, and the love af­fair con­tin­ues. So, I am not a fan of straight lines or pic­tureper­fect re­al­ism, al­though that has its place in art. I like to take chances, fo­cus­ing on color—not the ob­ject—and break­ing up the re­stric­tion of lines.” Stray­ing from the con­fines of a paint­brush, she of­ten uses palette knives, forks, her fin­gers and Q-tips in her paint­ings, adding, “Art al­lows me to share my love of life, color and tex­ture on can­vas. Art rep­re­sents my pas­sion and my voice in the world. Heady, or­ganic, ex­u­ber­ant and burst­ing with raw emo­tion, I want my work to ex­ude vi­brant dy­namism. At the same time, I want on­look­ers to feel as if they’ve stum­bled upon a se­cret world of sur­re­al­ism and sym­bol­ism.”

Bar­nett has an up­com­ing show at Salt and Iron in Ed­monds, Wash­ing­ton, in Oc­to­ber; a Novem­ber show at Whim­sey in Fairhaven, Wash­ing­ton; and shows reg­u­larly at Park­lane Gallery in Kirk­land, Wash­ing­ton.

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