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I love read­ing, more like con­sum­ing, An­glers Jour­nal slowly, page by page. It is sim­ply a trea­sure. “Be­tween Fish” in the Win­ter 2017 is­sue [“Tum­bling Dice”] about the edi­tor’s fam­ily gam­bling habit res­onated with me, as my dad was a com­pul­sive gam­bler who hid his demons in­cred­i­bly well un­til the bill col­lec­tors started to show at the front door.

He has passed on, but he did in­tro­duce me to fish­ing as a kid on party boats out of Sheepshead Bay in Brook­lyn. It was a per­fect pas­time for dad and me. I was ever at the rail try­ing to fool a red or sil­ver hake, but dad ul­ti­mately found his way be­low deck, where a smoky low­stakes poker game was al­ways in play.

The “juice” Bill Sis­son spoke about was clearly passed on to me, as well, and it re­mains in our fam­ily DNA to this day, bear­ing proof that on­togeny re­ally does re­ca­pit­u­late phy­logeny. For me, it man­i­fests in fish­ing — not a bad thing — and for my sib­lings in other ways but not gam­bling, thank heav­ens. But this ge­netic foot­print is cer­tainly tug­ging at me all the time.

Mark Freed­man Jeri­cho, New York

Sis­son fam­ily gam­bler, back row, cen­ter.

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