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There is no way that I’m go­ing to be able to fit all the fea­tures in V-Ray 3.0. Is it enough to say that, out of the box, it’s eas­ier to get started with ba­sic, ad­vanced and ex­pert modes, show­ing the ap­pro­pri­ate di­als for the ap­pro­pri­ate user? Or quick set­tings to get to the op­ti­mal set­tings for your scene and re­duce the slid­ers to just what you need? Or that it seems to be run­ning about 30 per­cent to 40 per­cent faster? Prob­a­bly not. Even though, for me, that would be rea­son enough to up­grade. So, here we go with the V-Ray 3.0 laun­dry list.

V-Ray has a pro­gres­sive set­ting, which is like V-Ray RT on Ad­der­all. It kicks up RT func­tion­al­ity by ad­her­ing to the path trac­ing of the pro­duc­tion ren­derer so that all the fea­tures — like vol­ume, SSS and ir­ra­di­ance — can be used to quickly and more ac­cu­rately it­er­ate light­ing so that you reach your goals faster.

The frame buf­fer has new tools for con­trol­ling color, but most im­por­tantly the abil­ity to load in color profiles like ColorIO, icc and 3D LUTs to ac­cu­rately rep­re­sent how the im­age will look with the pro­duc­tion LUTs ap­plied. Again, it pro­vides you with tools to get your ren­ders just that much closer to fi­nal be­fore it goes to comp.

Ren­der masks al­low you to ren­der just cer­tain ob­jects, along with the ap­pro­pri­ate al­phas, with­out hav­ing to change states or matte set­tings.

The hair shader is op­ti­mized, and sub-sur­face scat­ter­ing can use ray-trac­ing, elim­i­nat­ing pre-pass cal­cu­la­tions while in­creas­ing de­tail.

A Max Ray In­ten­sity dial is hid­den within the ad­vanced and ex­pert modes, which aides in elim­i­nat­ing sparkles that hap­pen in the ren­der when us­ing ex­tremely bright light sources that are fre­quently found in HDR im­ages. This is huge. Huge!

And now VRMats, pre­vi­ously named Vis­mats, are us­able as uni­ver­sal shaders that can be ported back and forth be­tween V-Ray for dif­fer­ent host sys­tems. Shaders are avail­able on the Chaos site, but can then be cus­tom­ized, and ex­ported out as new shaders to be used in Max, Maya, C4D, Rhino and SketchUp.

Ev­ery­thing here is ab­so­lutely worth up­grad­ing to 3.0. The only downside? It’s not avail­able for Maya … yet.

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