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Caped cru­saders, tights-clad ti­tans and wield­ers of weapons both mar­tial and mag­i­cal con­tinue to rake in big bucks at the box of­fice, en­cour­ag­ing the ma­jor stu­dios to branch out to lesser-adapted prop­er­ties and re­boot tried and true ones. Here’s what your fan friends will be hav­ing im­pas­sioned on­line de­bates about for the next few years:

Dis­ney | July 17, 2015 Di­rec­tor: Pey­ton Reed Writ­ers: Edgar Wright, Joe Cor­nish, Adam McKay Cre­ated by: Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Jack Kirby (Marvel) Star­ring: Paul Rudd, Michael Dou­glas, Evan­ge­line Lilly Story: Af­ter more than a decade in de­vel­op­ment, con-man Scott Lang will hit the sil­ver screen to help his men­tor Dr. Hank Pym safe­guard the amaz­ing mys­tery of the size-shrink­ing, strength-amp­ing Ant-Man tech­nol­ogy from var­i­ous men­aces. Win­ter Sol­dier as Brock Rum­low) has said the Rus­sos have hinted to him that the char­ac­ter, bet­ter known as the vil­lain Cross­bones, may play a larger role in the three­quel. Fox | May 27, 2016 Di­rec­tor: Bryan Singer Writ­ers: Si­mon Kin­berg, Dan Har­ris, Michael Dougherty Cre­ated by: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby (Marvel) Star­ring: James McAvoy, Michael Fass­ben­der, Ni­cholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence, Evan Peters Story: Singer has said Apoca­lypse will fo­cus on the ori­gin of the mu­tants and will be more like a First Class se­quel. The film will take place in 1983 and in­tro­duce younger ver­sions of Cy­clops, Jean Grey and Storm. Sony | June 10, 2016 Di­rec­tor: Marc Webb Writ­ers: Alex Kurtz­man, Roberto Orci, Jeff Pinkner Cre­ated by: Star­ring: Andrew Garfield, Sarah Gadon Story: De­tails of Peter Parker’s lat­est foe to face-down in Man­hat­tan have yet to ap­pear, and some in­dus­try watch­ers are won­der­ing if one of the planned vil­lain spin-offs ( Sin­is­ter Six and Venom) might take over the date. Writ­ers: David James Kelly Cre­ated by: Roy Thomas, Len Wein, John Romita, Sr. (Marvel) Star­ring: Hugh Jack­man Story: Man­gold says the se­quel will draw on pop­u­lar comic-book sto­ries; Kelly is a fresh­man writer best known for his orig­i­nal short Straw Man about an aver­age joe who’s ac­tu­ally a suc­cess­ful arms dealer.

Fox | July 14, 2017

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