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First Place:

Tby Shelby Christie

he judges’ top pick this year is Fuse, a pitch from Cana­dian stu­dent Shelby Christie of Monc­ton, New Brunswick.

Christie, an an­i­ma­tion stu­dent at New Brunswick Com­mu­nity Col­lege, says she al­ways watched car­toons but de­vel­oped a huge in­ter­est in art and an­i­ma­tion watch­ing her younger brother as he grew up. Her fa­vorites in­cluded an early 1990s Cana­dian se­ries called The Leg­end of White Fang and Sailor Moon. Her in­ter­est in art led her to ma­jor in an­i­ma­tion and to come up with the idea for Fuse.

Her younger brother also in­spired her pitch, about a boy named El­liott who lives about 100 or so years in the fu­ture in a kind of junk­yard with his aunt. He’s skilled at build­ing things but also a lit­tle scat­ter­brained.

This all plays out dur­ing a sort of plan­e­tary civil war be­tween ad­vo­cates of us­ing tech­nol­ogy to the max and those who pre­fer let­ting the Earth re­vert to a more nat­u­ral state.

“I just re­ally wanted to take this char­ac­ter who wasn’t used to hav­ing a lot of re­spon­si­bil­ity and throw­ing him into a sit­u­a­tion that would re­ally test him,” says Christie.

She gave El­liott two broth­ers to add some dy­nam­ics to the show.

As the win­ner of the Pitch Party Con­test, Christie will have the chance to pitch her show di­rectly to the judge of her choos­ing, as well as a dig­i­tal sub­scrip­tion to An­i­ma­tion Mag­a­zine.

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