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It’s still got about five or six weeks be­fore wrap­ping an­i­ma­tion, but that didn’t stop di­rec­tor Tim John­son and DreamWorks An­i­ma­tion from screen­ing in late Novem­ber footage from its March 27 re­lease Home.

John­son, a DreamWorks An­i­ma­tion veteran who pre­vi­ously co di­rected Antz and Over the Hedge for the stu­dio, says the movie be­gins with the ar­rival on Earth of the Boov, a pariah-like alien race seek­ing a new planet on which to live. Us­ing its spe­cial grav­ity tools, it eas­ily and peace­fully takes over Earth and re­lo­cates all hu­mans to in­di­vid­ual picket-fence homes in Aus­tralia. But the Boov has missed one hu­man: a young girl named Gra­tu­ity, or “Tip,” who man­ages to sur­vive with her cat in the big city and longs to re­unite with her mother.

Mean­while, a mis­fit Boov named Oh has ac­ci­den­tally for­warded to the en­tire galaxy a party invitation that re­veals the Boov’s new lo­ca­tion, mak­ing him a hunted out­cast. And — as you might ex­pect — Oh and Tip meet up, join forces and head off on a quest to solve their prob­lems and learn a lit­tle bit about each other along the way.

The clips had a nice tone; yes, they were fast-paced, comedic and zingy, but the an­i­ma­tion is show­ing im­prove­ments in smooth­ness and character ex­pres­sion over even the huge leap DreamWorks An­i­ma­tion made with How to Train Your Dragon 2. The pas­tel color scheme is dis­tinct, and the move­ments of Oh — the Boov change shape and col­ors, it seems, de­pend­ing on their mood — are as or­ganic and smooth as a CG movie of this level can be.

Home is due in the­aters March 27.

MacLaren will work with Warner’s comics movie guru Zack Sny­der and the film’s writ­ers to de­velop the movie, which is set for re­lease in 2017.

Gal Gadot has al­ready been cast as Won­der Woman and will ap­pear in Sny­der’s se­quel to Man of Steel, Bat­man v. Su­per­man: Dawn of Jus­tice, out in 2016. Gadot also will play the character in the two-part Jus­tice League movie, di­rected by Sny­der.

12To­day is Dis­ney-Pixar hon­cho John Las­seter’s birth­day.

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