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It’s never too early to check out com­pa­nies you might work for. Here’s a global guide to po­ten­tial em­ploy­ers.

21st Cen­tury Fox (A) Lo­ca­tion: Mul­ti­ple Web­site:­ca­ Aard­man An­i­ma­tions (A) Lo­ca­tion: Bris­tol, UK Web­site: www.aard­

Stu­dio Key: (A) = An­i­ma­tion, (V) = Vis­ual Ef­fects, (G) = Games Adult Swim (A) (G) Lo­ca­tion: At­lanta, GA Web­site: job­sat­­reers/an­i­ma­tion­jobs An­i­ma­tion Li­ba­tion Stu­dios (A) Lo­ca­tion: Ma­rina del Rey, CA Web­site: an­i­ma­tion­li­ba­tion­stu­ Con­tact: Carol Ash­ley Email: con­tact@an­i­ma­tion­li­ba­tion­stu­ Phone: (310) 741-0219 Pref­er­ence: Sub­mit Artist Reg­is­tra­tion Form on­line through con­tact page. Ama­zon Game Stu­dios (G) Lo­ca­tions: Seat­tle, WA; Irvine, CA; Palo Alto, CA Web­site: games.ama­ Arc Pro­duc­tions (A) Lo­ca­tion: Toronto, ON, Canada Web­site: ar­cpro­duc­ Con­tact: Cindy Diogo Email: cindy.diogo@ar­cpro­duc­ Phone: (647) 272-4994 Pref­er­ence: Email jobs@ar­cpro­duc­ Atomic Car­toons (A) Lo­ca­tion: Van­cou­ver, Canada Web­site: atom­ic­car­­reers Bardel En­ter­tain­ment (A) Lo­ca­tion: Van­cou­ver and Kelowna, BC, Canada Web­site:­ing Bento Box (A) Lo­ca­tion: North Hol­ly­wood, CA and At­lanta, GA Web­site: www.ben­to­box­!ca­reers/ c15x9 Bliz­zard En­ter­tain­ment (G) Lo­ca­tion: Irvine and San Fran­cisco, CA; Austin, TX Web­site: us.bliz­­pany/ ca­reers Blue Sky Stu­dios (A) Lo­ca­tion: Green­wich, CT Web­site: blueskys­tu­­ing-here/ jobs Blur Stu­dios (G) Lo­ca­tion: Cul­ver City, CA Web­site: Car­toon Net­work US (A) (G) Lo­ca­tion: Bur­bank, CA and At­lanta, GA Web­site: job­sat­­reers/an­i­ma­tion­jobs DHX Me­dia (A) Lo­ca­tion: Van­cou­ver, BC and Hal­i­fax, NS, Canada Web­site: an­i­ma­tion­stu­dio­ca­reers.dhx­me­dia. com Dig­i­tal Do­main (V) Lo­ca­tion: Los An­ge­les, CA; Van­cou­ver, BC, Canada Web­site: ca­reers.dig­i­tal­do­ Dis­ney Tele­vi­sion An­i­ma­tion (A) Lo­ca­tion: Los An­ge­les, CA Web­site: dt­vatal­ent.dis­­cruit/ap­ply Dis­ney Fea­ture An­i­ma­tion (A) [Walt Dis­ney An­i­ma­tion Stu­dios] Lo­ca­tion: Bur­bank, CA Web­site: www.dis­neyan­i­ma­­reers Dis­neyToon Stu­dios (A) Lo­ca­tion: Los An­ge­les, CA Web­site: dis­ney­toon­stu­dios.dis­n­ey­ca­reers. com DreamWorks An­i­ma­tion (A) Lo­ca­tion: Glendale, CA Web­site: www.dream­work­san­i­ma­ jobs DQ En­ter­tain­ment (A) (G) Lo­ca­tion: Hy­der­abad, In­dia; in­ter­na­tional Web­site: www.dqen­ter­tain­­site/ ca­reers.shtml Elec­tronic Arts (G) Lo­ca­tion: Mul­ti­ple in­ter­na­tional Web­site: ca­­reer-search En­core (V) Lo­ca­tion: Hol­ly­wood, CA Web­site: www.en­core­ Film Ro­man (A) Lo­ca­tion: Bur­bank, CA Web­site:­ro­­reers Fred­er­a­tor Stu­dios (A) Lo­ca­tion: Bur­bank, CA; New York, NY Web­site: fred­er­a­ Guru Stu­dio (A) Lo­ca­tion: Toronto, Canada Web­site:­rus­tu­­tact/ em­ploy­ment-op­por­tu­ni­ties

Hiber­num (G) Lo­ca­tion: Mon­treal, Canada Web­site: hiber­­reer/job-op­por­tu­ni­ties Hor­net Films (A) Lo­ca­tion: New York Web­site: www.hor­net­­tact.html Il­lu­mi­na­tion Mac Guff (A) (V) Lo­ca­tion: Paris, France Web­site:­lu­mi­na­tion­ ca­reers-an­i­ma­tors.php Ilion An­i­ma­tion Stu­dios Lo­ca­tion: Madrid, Spain Web­site: Iloura (A) (V) Lo­ca­tion: Mel­bourne and Syd­ney, Aus­tralia Web­site:­reers In­dus­trial Light & Magic (A) (V) Lo­ca­tions: San Fran­cisco, CA; Sin­ga­pore; Van­cou­ver, Canada; Lon­don, U.K. Web­site:­reers Jam Filled En­ter­tain­ment (A) Lo­ca­tion: Ot­tawa, ON, Canada Web­site: jam­ Con­tact: Ly­dia Pepin Email: ca­reers@jam­ Phone: (613) 366-2550 Pref­er­ence: Email sub­mis­sions. The Jim Hen­son Com­pany (A) Lo­ca­tion: Hol­ly­wood, CA and Long Is­land City, NY Web­site: hen­­ploy­ment.php Laika (A) Lo­ca­tion: Port­land, OR Web­site: laikaca­ Luma Pic­tures Lo­ca­tion: Santa Mon­ica, CA Web­site: lumapic­ Con­tact: Makeila Reyes Email: makeilar@lumapic­ Phone: (310) 888-8738 Pref­er­ence: On­line ap­pli­ca­tions via web­site. Mar­vel En­ter­tain­ment (A) Lo­ca­tion: Glendale, CA Web­site: mar­vel.dis­n­ey­ca­ Method Stu­dios (V) Lo­ca­tion: Mul­ti­ple Web­site: www.meth­od­stu­­reers Mikros Im­age (A) (V) Lo­ca­tion: Paris, France; Brus­sels and Liege, Bel­gium; Mon­treal, Canada Web­site: www.mikrosim­­e­gory/ re­crute­ment The Mill (V) Lo­ca­tion: Lon­don; Los An­ge­les, New York, Chicago Web­site:­lent/ca­reers MPC (V) Lo­ca­tion: Lon­don, UK; Van­cou­ver, Canada; Los An­ge­les, CA; New York; Mex­ico City; Ban­ga­lore, In­dia Web­site:­ing-pic­ jobs-in-film Sta­tus: Now hir­ing Mr. X (V) Lo­ca­tion: Toronto, Canada; New York Web­site:­reers Nel­vana (A) [Corus En­ter­tain­ment] Lo­ca­tion: Los An­ge­les, CA and Toronto, Canada Web­site:­reers Nick­elodeon An­i­ma­tion Stu­dio Lo­ca­tion: Bur­bank, CA Web­site: nick­an­i­ma­tion­stu­ Oa­sis An­i­ma­tion Lo­ca­tion: Mon­treal, Canada Web­site: www.oa­sisan­i­ma­ jobs.aspx Pas­cal Blais (A) Lo­ca­tion: Mon­treal, Canada Web­site: pas­cal­­tact Pipeline Stu­dios (A) Lo­ca­tion: Hamil­ton, ON, Canada Web­site: pipelines­tu­ Con­tact: An­gel­ica Lopez Email: cre­ate@pipelines­tu­ Phone: (905) 963-1532 Pref­er­ence: Email dig­i­tal port­fo­lio links. Pixar An­i­ma­tion Stu­dios (A) Lo­ca­tion: Emeryville, CA Web­site:­reers Prana (A) Lo­ca­tion: Los An­ge­les, CA; Mum­bai, In­dia Web­site: www.pranas­tu­­reers Present Cre­ative (G) Lo­ca­tion: San Fran­cisco, CA Web­site: pre­sentcre­ Con­tact: David Gra­marossa Email: dave@pre­sentcre­ Phone: (415) 378-6705 Pref­er­ence: Email links to port­fo­lio and reel. Rain­maker En­ter­tain­ment (A) (G) Lo­ca­tion: Van­cou­ver, Canada Web­site: www.rain­­reers Reel FX (A) Lo­ca­tion: Dal­las, TX and Santa Mon­ica, CA Web­site: Riot Games (G) Lo­ca­tion: Los An­ge­les, CA Web­site: www.ri­­reers Rovio En­ter­tain­ment Ltd. (A) (G) Lo­ca­tion: Espoo, Fin­land Web­site:­reers Rough Draft Stu­dios (A) Lo­ca­tion: Glendale, CA Web­site: www.rough­draft­stu­ html Sega | Sega Europe (G) Lo­ca­tion: Los An­ge­les, CA; Brent­ford, UK; in­ter­na­tional Web­site:­po­rate | ca­reers.­reers Slap Happy Car­toons (A) Lo­ca­tion: Van­cou­ver, Canada Web­site: slaphap­py­car­ Sony Pic­tures An­i­ma­tion (A) Lo­ca­tion: Cul­ver City, CA Web­site: www.sonypic­ture­san­i­ma­ jobs.php

Sony Pic­tures Image­works (A) (V) Lo­ca­tion: Van­cou­ver, Canada; Cul­ver City, CA Web­site: www.image­ Star­burns In­dus­tries (A) Lo­ca­tion: Bur­bank, CA Web­site: star­­cruiter­ Stoopid Buddy Stood­ios (A) Lo­ca­tion: Bur­bank, CA Web­site: www.league­of­bud­­tact Stu­dio 100 An­i­ma­tion (A) Lo­ca­tion: Paris, France Web­site: www.stu­dio100an­i­ma­ Tech­ni­color (A) (V) Lo­ca­tion: Los An­ge­les, CA; mul­ti­ple Web­site: ca­­ni­­ative­jobs Thresh­old En­ter­tain­ment (A) Lo­ca­tion: Santa Mon­ica, CA Web­site: www.thresh­old­en­ter­tain­ The Third Floor(V) Lo­ca­tion: Los An­ge­les, CA; Lon­don, UK; Van­cou­ver, Canada Web­site: www.thethird­floor­­reers/ jobs.php Tit­mouse, Inc. (A) Lo­ca­tion: Los An­ge­les, CA and New York, NY; Van­cou­ver, Canada Web­site: tit­­tact Topix (A) (V) Lo­ca­tion: Toronto, ON, Canada Web­site: top­ Email: re­cruit­ing@top­ Phone: (416) 971-7711 Pref­er­ence: Email links to re­cent work and reel. Ubisoft En­ter­tain­ment (G) Lo­ca­tions: Los An­ge­les, CA; mul­ti­ple in­ter­na­tional Web­site:­reers/ ex­pe­ri­ence.aspx Warner Brothers An­i­ma­tion (A) Lo­ca­tion: Bur­bank, CA Web­site: www.warner­brosca­­i­ma­tion WETA Work­shop (A) (V) Lo­ca­tion: Welling­ton, New Zealand Web­site: www.weta-peo­ Wizart An­i­ma­tion Lo­ca­tion: Voronezh, Rus­sia Web­site: wiz­artan­i­ma­ Zag Toon Zag An­i­ma­tion Stu­dios Lo­ca­tions: Glendale, CA; Paris, France; For­est, Bel­gium; Seoul, S. Korea; Tokyo, Ja­pan Web­site: un­der Con­tact tab Zo­diak Kids Stu­dios Marathon Me­dia, TeleI­mages, The Foun­da­tion Lo­ca­tion: Lon­don, U.K.; Neuilly sur Seine, France Web­site: www.zo­di­­tact [

There’s no doubt about it: On-de­mand video stream­ing is the wave of the now, let alone the fu­ture, and that’s the wave your con­tent needs to catch. But be­fore you can sell your cre­ation to Net­flix, Hulu or Ama­zon (or hope to re­coup your costs a dol­lar at a time through iTunes sales), you need to get “out there.” Here, we of­fer a run­down of the top sites to share your work, gain trac­tion and maybe pick up a lit­tle rev­enue while you do it.

Ba­si­cally the by-word for video host­ing, the Google sub­sidiary of­fers ease of use for con­tent pro­duc­ers and a huge po­ten­tial au­di­ence. The Cre­ators re­sources help you get started and keep grow­ing. Videos can be up­loaded in a range of def­i­ni­tions, up to 8K as of last sum­mer, and viewed by peo­ple all over the world (ex­clud­ing China, Iran and Turk­menistan), with lo­cal­ized site in­ter­faces in 76 dif­fer­ent lan­guages.

$$$: Ad­ver­tis­ing, Paid Con­tent

The pre­ferred site for an­i­ma­tion and VFX artists to show off their lat­est work, reels and shorts is rolling out 4K ca­pa­bil­ity this year and has a Cre­ator Ser­vices depart­ment in place to help you mon­e­tize con­tent. TipJar has been re­tired, but Vimeo of­fers pay-to-view to Pro mem­bers, and the Brand Cre­ative Fund en­cour­ages ad­ver­tis­ers to pay com­mu­nity mem­bers for orig­i­nal branded con­tent.

$$$: Paid Con­tent

Started in France, Dai­ly­mo­tion has suc­cess- fully ex­panded in­ter­na­tion­ally with 18 dif­fer­ent lan­guages avail­able and 35 lo­cal­ized sites. It re­mains among the top video plat­forms world­wide and is the most pop­u­lar site of any kind in Europe. Vivendi’s re­cent ac­qui­si­tion means this global takeover can only con­tinue. $$$: Ad­ver­tis­ing, Paid Con­tent, Web­site


The on­line video des­ti­na­tion from Mak­erS­tu­dios Inc. is all about prop­ping up the next gen­er­a­tion of me­dia cre­atives. Cre­ators who work with the Maker Gen pro­gram get hand­son guid­ance, com­mu­nity ex­per­tise and tools to help grow their au­di­ence — and re­tain con­trol of their con­tent.

$$$: Ad­ver­tis­ing

The 2012 merger of Youku and Tu­dou com­bined two of the largest video host­ing sites in China un­der one cor­po­rate roof, but they still have dif­fer­ent per­son­al­i­ties. Tu­dou was a world pi­o­neer in im­ple­ment­ing wide scale ads on such a site and re­mains largely fo­cused on user-cre­ated con­tent, while Youku boasts over 1,500 pro­fes­sional con­tent part­ners and of­fers full TV episodes and fea­tures. But both are sub­ject to Chi­nese cen­sor­ship and a lais­sez-faire ap­proach to copy­right law.

$$$: Ad­ver­tis­ing

This smaller player has been mak­ing waves in the in­die film in­dus­try since it first cropped up a cou­ple years ago. The goal is to di­rectly con­nect view­ers and cre­ators, fo­cus­ing on the fu­ture needs of dig­i­tal film con­sumers while pro­vid­ing a cus­tomiz­able ser­vice for film­mak­ers. $$$: Paid Con­tent, Mer­chan­dise Store,

Crowd­fund­ing Com­pat­i­ble

An­other film­maker-cen­tered new­comer, Ren­der­yard is a tight-knit com­mu­nity of 6,000some mem­bers look­ing to share and sell their con­tent. The so­cial net­work­ing el­e­ments are de­signed to help users re­ceive help­ful, pro­fes­sional cri­tique and con­nect with other cre­ators. Ren­der­yard also boasts a 70/30 rev­enue split with in­stant pay­ment and a ded­i­cated an­i­ma­tion sec­tion.

$$$: Paid Con­tent

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