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VFX crews set the ground rules for the fire­fights, weapons and su­pervil­lain an­tics for Warner Bros.’ most-re­cent DC Comics adap­ta­tion, Sui­cide Squad. By Bill De­sowitz.

gy. “We used that as a base to form vol­u­met­rics around her, which looked like an en­ergy field com­bined with black smoke,” Win­ter says.

How­ever, SPI made the Mega En­chantress. “She doesn’t fly through the air or have laser beams for eyes — she has dif­fer­ent types of magic (based on tech­nol­ogy from 6,000 years ago, when she ruled the world),” says SPI VFX su­per­vi­sor Mark Break­s­pear, based in Van­cou­ver. “We started ex­plor­ing Man­del­bulbs (three-di­men­sional frac­tals) and we only scratched the sur­face from a math­e­mat­i­cal point of view.

“So with En­chantress, other than her fa­cial fea­tures, she’s fully CG and has tat­toos go­ing all the way in­side her body, which we can see be­cause her skin is trans­par­ent. And from those tat­toos she emit­ted smoke that poured onto a frac­tal mem­brane. The mem­brane would then gen­er­ate a frac­tal fire made up of sharp ob­sid­ian pieces, which would then float up into the air and form Man­del­bulb cubes.”

As for In­cubus, he’s also a CG frac­tal cre­ation. The chal­lenge was mak­ing it liq­uefy and form to­gether as he takes posses­sion of dif­fer­ent peo­ple, com­bin­ing cloth and plas­tic sub­stances, which merge to- gether into an outer shell from which In­cubus bursts forth.

Mega Di­ablo, mean­while, be­comes a for­mi­da­ble foe for In­cubus. He heats him up, liq­ue­fies his body and burns a hole in his chest. “It was a mas­sive Hou­dini project, along with Maya and Nuke,” Break­s­pear says. Bill De­sowitz is Crafts Ed­i­tor of Indiewire ( and the au­thor of James Bond Un­masked (www.james­bon­dun­

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