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Good news! Colt is go­ing to be pro­duc­ing the civil­ian ver­sion of the AR-15 again. More good news the FBI con­ducted 3.9 mil­lion back­ground checks in the month of June most in one month since they started keep­ing records in 1998.

It’s the old “do as I say not as I do” sce­nario. Gov­er­nor Non­sense clos­ing pretty much all the winer­ies in the state ex­cept for Napa val­ley Plump­jack win­ery that hap­pens to be owned by Gov­er­nor Non­sense.

Read in the Fed­er­al­ist that “hon­est” Adam schiff was briefed about Rus­sia pay­ing boun­ties on Amer­i­can troops last Fe­bru­ary but held it back from the pub­lic.

Be­cause you know he was do­ing the work of the demo­cratic party. Im­peach­ing the pres­i­dent. So now the lib­eral pro­gres­sive so­cial­ist party have their panties in a wad over the pres­i­dent not be­ing briefed.

Want to thank all the peo­ple of the An­te­lope Val­ley for the great fire­works show even if they are il­le­gal. Must have cost quite a bit.

Loved cartoon about un­cle Joe and the NEA. I don’t be­lieve that any union should be able to con­trib­ute to a politi­cian that will have a di­rect ef­fect on that union, that would be like a pri­vate com­pany only hir­ing ad­min­is­tra­tion that would agree with the union and not work for the best in­ter­est of the com­pany. Con­flict of in­ter­est?

Steven Brewer


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