Antelope Valley Press : 2020-07-15

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A5 Antelope Valley Press, Wednesday, July 15, 2020 dEfLOCkEd By Jeff Corriveau REAL LIfE AdvEnTuREsĀ® mOdERATELy COnfusEd By Jeff stahler By Gary wise and Lance Aldrich fRAzz By Jef mallett fOR BETTER OR fOR wORsE By Lynn Johnston HAGAR THE HORRIBLE By Chris Browne ROsE Is ROsE By Pat Brady and don wimmer fREd BAssET By Alex Graham mOTHER GOOsE And GRImm By mike Peters GET fuzzy By darby Conley mARvIn By Tom Armstrong zITs By Jerry scott & Jim Borgman PICkLEs By Brian Crane GARfIELd By Jim davis PEARLs BEfORE swInE By stephan Pastis JumP sTART By Robb Armstrong HI And LOIs By Brian & Greg walker and Chris Browne PEAnuTs CLAssICs By Charles m. schulz BLOndIE By dean young & John marshall LuAnn By Greg Evans

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