Antelope Valley Press : 2020-07-15

OPINION : 8 : B2


Opinion B2 Antelope Valley Press, Wednesday, July 15, 2020 LETTERS FROM READERS A merica has a new cult following that is sweeping the nation by storm. Should one join this cult one will feel excepted loved and cared for by fulfilling mans greatest emotional thrill by wanting to belong to something bigger then ones self while getting so badly needed attention and where one finds excitement with the warm fuzzes in the streets protesting with the masses. Should one be asked if they support this new cult and one gives the wrong answer, live ... but I though your life and mines matter. Wrong answer ... one will be labeled a racist attacked mocked ridiculed and even fired from ones job. To join this new cult all one needs is a sense of guilt for atrocities and crimes committed against humanity over 150 years ago. If one happens to be White or Latino and never had that guilt feeling before though no fault of your own, not to worry. One will get the opportunit­y to openly in public denounce ones sins of slavery and racist acts never committed before you get the cart blanche treatment, come one come all join the frenzy with a hidden communist political twist. In case you are wondering whats the name of this new cult, its called ... Black Lives Matter. Miguel Rios Palmdale PRICKLY CITY MALLARD FILLMORE By Bruce Tinsley

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